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Special Ops Watch

Updated on July 6, 2011

Special Ops Watch

SAS issue Special Ops Watch
SAS issue Special Ops Watch | Source

Special Ops Watch

When it comes to choosing a Special Ops Watch then you need an extremely rugged watch. Military Wristwatches have been supplied to the armed services since the Boer War, but it was really the First World War that saw the proliferation of the wristwatch.

Special Ops Watches are one of those watches, like Divers Watches, and Pilot watches that have evolved out of the needs of the military. A Special Ops Watch must, by its very nature, be tough, reliable and functional in a range of conditions and environments.

So what are the Special Ops Watches of choice. Which are the Military Wristwatches that meet the tough and demanding requirements of the Elite Special Forces, such as Navy SEALS and the SAS?

What Are The Main Special Ops Watch Brands

When it comes to Special Ops Watches, there are number of watch brands that specialise in creating watches for the Special Forces. Some of these watches are also issued as standard by some Elite Forces around the world like the Nite MX10 which is SAS standard issue.

But as Military personnel can wear commercially bought watches, there are a number watches that are popular with Special Ops. Here is a look at some of the more popular watches worn by Elite Military Forces from around the World.


Not strictly a military wristwatch, but really popular with Special Forces. It is extremely rugged, tough and reliable - and affordable. After all if you are going to put your watch through hell, you don't want a watch that cost thousands.

Nite MX10

Unlike some of the other watches here, the Nite MX10 is a NATO issued special forces watch. It is extremely tough with Swiss movement, gun metal stainless steel case, polymer strap with double locking clasp, screw in pin bars, sapphire glass c/w triple anti-reflective coating, four year battery and triple O-rings, giving water resistance to 330ft.

In addition, it has a fail safe illumination system. All of this is why the MX10-001 is issued as standard to many Special Forces regiments around the world, including the SAS

Chase Durer

Chase-Durer was a brand started by a couple of Hollywood producers. Since then they have developed pilot watches are worn by combat pilots of the 121st Fighter Squadron, and the 34th & 37th Bomb Squadrons pilots. Theor pilot watches are also worn by the USAF Thunderbirds pilots, B-52 Weapons School pilots, U.S. Air Force Academy pilots and U.S. Navy Top Gun pilots. In addition Chase-Durer pilot watches,military watches and aviation watches are worn by professional pilots worldwide.

Traser H3

These watches developed from the company that developed mb-microtec GTLS (gaseous tritium light source)- an illumination technology powered by the decay of tritium. Traser H3 P 5900 Type 3 and P 6500 Type 6 are authentic US - military watches designed and built according to specifications defined in MIL-W-46374 F. These are the first military timepieces ever to be equipped with the patented mb-microtec H3 illumination. Thousands of these two traser H3 models have been issued to the men and women of the US Armed Forces.


This is basically identical to the Traser H3, but the brand in the US


Luminox Watches Worn by SAS and Navy Seals

Special Ops Watch - Chase Durer


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      AurelioLeo 5 years ago

      My Marathon Basic Field watch(quartz)w/date meets my needs...