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Spiderman Nike Air Kukini sneakers without laces

Updated on July 25, 2017

Nike Air Kukini running shoes without laces

Nike Air Kukini free style running shoes without laces.
Nike Air Kukini free style running shoes without laces. | Source

Nike Air Kukini sneakers without laces.

Long ago and far away running shoes where only used in the gym or on the sporting fields. But now sneakers are well thought out designer objects.

Of all fashion items, I probably like shoes the best. by looking at ones shoes you can tell a lot about a person. Far more than a sweater or a blouse. Shoes are personal and reflects the persons identity and personality. That’s why I like Nike shoes. They are designed like art works, color form and design are well thought out.

Another pair of shoes I cherished where my spider web Nike fashion sneaker, again laceless. Officialy they call them Kukini Free Running Shoes but I call them spider web shoes. They lasted long but in the end I used them as a flower pot.Ah well, one of those silly things you do. But still they are at least used. I hate it to throw things away. If possible, I always try to find a second life for them.

Nike is one of the great designers who made sneakers what they are today. Not only footwear for sports, but fashionable wear as well. But to be honest, it’s difficult to find Nike sneakers without laces, most of them have a more traditional closure system.

Nike Kukini sneakers with no laces

Nike Kukini Free Mens Style : 511444-400 Size : 8.5
Nike Kukini Free Mens Style : 511444-400 Size : 8.5

The Nike Kukini Free Men's Shoe delivers complete comfort in a slip-on design to help strengthen foot muscles with every stride. It offers a barefoot-like feel with breathable stretch fabric


Amazon Review Rating

4 stars for Nike Mens Kukini Free Style#

My old Spiderman Nike Air Kukini sneakers without laces

My old Spiderman  Nike Air Kukini sneakers without laces
My old Spiderman Nike Air Kukini sneakers without laces

Nike Air Kukini running shoes without laces.

As you can see, I've walked the Nike Spideman sneakers to death. I guess the shoes had an ordinary life. They started out as flashy funky fashion sneakers. Shoes to be seen with. I was cool with them and liked them.
when I first had them I wore them only when I went out, on special occasions and inaugurations of exhibitions. But the shoes had more to offer, over time I wore them almost every day. They where easy step in step out shoes and I found them really comfortable. But over the years, yes I wore them more then one year. The shoes started to wear off and they became my workman's shoes. I used them when I was doing stuff in the garden or when I was painting or doing builders stuff.
In the end the soles got loose and that was more or less the breaking point. I gave the shoes to the dogs and they are still happy with it, they are laying somewhere in the garden.
I think the spiderman shoes had a great life. They served me well and it's good to see them laying around in the garden some times. Like an old friend.

Cool Spiderman sneakers with no laces...

The Nike Kukini slip on shoe is named after...

The Nike Kukini slip on shoe is named after the Hawaiian word Kukini which means swift messenger or runner. The Kukini lived in Hawaii. They where messengers and specially trained to run fast and long. They where the elite corps and trained in strength, mental endurance and memory.
The Kukini had to bring messages to and fro tribes. They where used in battles to tell the chieftain what was going on as well that they prevented wars because they where bringing negotiations from one leader to another.

where in ancient Hawaii an elite group of men who were selected by there strength and mental endurance to become runners and messengers used in battles. They also acted as athletes in the "Makahiki games".

Other Nike running shoes without laces.

There are more running shoes with no laces like the Nike Kukini. The ones that I used during the years and are still on the market are :

Reebok Pump Fury
Converse React
Puma Disc
Puma Osu Canvas
Diesel - Only the brave series

With the Puma OSU Canvas as my top favorite. I wrote another review about them. And just like the nikes I wore them till the end. and even when they contained holes I used them as garden shoes. Cool funky and comfortable sneakers.


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    • lyoness913 profile image

      Summer LeBlanc 2 years ago from H-Town

      Cool hub- looks like you've worn that pair to death! :)