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Spirulina Cured My Acne

Updated on April 20, 2016

Me too...

I had acne throughout my teens. It sucked. It certainly didn't help with my confidence in those years, especially when I was turning 18! I tried a large variety of products that flat didn't work... It honestly was painful, I felt like there wasn't any cure, that I was going to have acne forever. Well, that was until I was blessed with the knowledge of spirulina's existence!

My results

I personally had severe acne, and nasty areas that looked like they were gonna scar. My acne significantly improved in about a week! My confidence went up for the first time in a while! It felt awesome not to have irritated, bumpy sking for once! I haven't had acne so long that I actually forget how great having clear skin is sometimes.

Now, that's my experience. Obviously everyone's experience is going to be a bit different. I cannot guarantee anything, and I'm not a doctor. Speaking of which..

Let Dr. Josh Ash explain it. He's much more qualified!


Too much of this stuff can be harmful. It's important to take as directed to avoid toxic amounts of vitamin A. Improperly processed spirulina can contain cyanotoxins. Some spirulina can also be contaminated by heavy metals.

The US lacks regulatory standards for spirulina as well. So it's VERY important to be diligent and do research if the spirulina you buy is contaminated.

If you have Phenylketonuria, DON'T consume spirulina.

How I take it

When I first got ahold of spirulina, I consumed it in power form. I took the recommended dose and mixed it with water. The powder kind of clumps together, making it hard to thoroughly mix by hand. It also sticks to the bottom and sides of your cup, and sticks to your gums and teeth. It will stain your clothing very easily, and prepare to have lightly tinted green tongue, teeth, and lips.

When I take spirulina now, I take it in tablets to avoid most of those issues.

There is also capsule forms available to almost completely avoid all of the issues imposed by spirulina powder.


Please understand I'm not a doctor. My experience with spirulina was great. Though yours, if you choose to take it, might be different.

Thank you for reading my hub!



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