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Spotting Fake 7 For All Mankind Jeans

Updated on May 20, 2014

How to Spot Fake 7 For All Mankind Designer Jeans

We all would love to know that when we buy something online, we are getting a great deal from an honest person. If you've ever watched judge shows or the news, you know that scams on the internet are widespread. One of the biggest money makers are retailers and sellers on sites like Ebay that sell fake 7 For All Mankind a.k.a 7 FAM jeans. Because these are premium denim, people want them and they are willing to pay. However, finding a deal can sometimes mean running right into a scam.

#1 Scammers exploit new buyers with deception

One way scammers try to deceive buyers is with a simple deception. There is a brand of jeans called Seven 7. This company sells jeans that are decent, but not near as quality as 7 For all Mankind. Sellers on Ebay and other similar sites will list them as 7 FAM jeans, when they are NOT. New buyers don't realize that Seven 7 is completely different and believe the listings are 7 FAM. If you've owned 7 FAM, you will know right away these are not the same. The logo is totally different.

#2 The "A" pocket design looks off center

Authentic 7 For All Mankind jeans often have an "A" on the pocket. This is one of the most popular designs and therefore one of the most faked. Genuine 7 FAM jeans have quality stitching, with the A firmly in the center. If the pair of jeans being advertised have an A on the pocket that looks poorly stitched or off center, you can probably assume they are knock offs. 7 FAM is premium denim for a reason, and poor stitching is a sure bet they aren't real.

#3 Spelling is WRONG on the labels

If the spelling is wrong on the labels, you can bet it's a fake. Some sellers have been caught selling fakes red-handed because customers have reported receiving misspelled tags in the jeans. 7 For All Mankind does not misspell in the labels or tags. If you can see photos on listings, check the tags closely. If the seller doesn't have photos of the tags and labels, ASK FOR THEM. If they won't post them, it's likely a shady seller.

#4 Check the MADE IN THE U.S.A. tag!

Some knocks offs have been spotted easily with the Made in the U.S.A tag

**Authentic 7 FAM jeans spell it "Made in the U.S.A." with all periods. Fakes don't put the periods and have "Made in the USA" instead.**

#5 Check reputation of sellers and retailers

Make sure the seller has plenty of positive feedback. If on Ebay, you can check that easily by clicking their seller name. If they have 99-100% positive feedback on more than 50-100 listings, you are probably safe. If they have little to no feedback, it would be risky. If their pictures look legitimate and the jeans look real, you may be able to move forward with the sale. Online retailers can be checked by typing in their website name and looking for any reported scams.

Being scammed online is something we never want to have to go through. I've bought some fake designer jeans before and been pretty upset. I knew it was a risk before buying them and just hoped for the best. Now that I've gotten good at spotting fakes, this is not an issue anymore. I can shop 'til I drop online if I want to and sleep soundly knowing I got a good deal. It took a lot of trial and error to figure it out though. I don't want to see people get scammed and hope this helps. Buying premium denim is a luxury for many of us. Spending our hard earned money on a nice pair of denim is a treat! So before you spend YOUR hard earned money on a pair of jeans, make sure they are the real deal. Hopefully this guide helps you out on your quest to finding authentic 7FAM premium jeans at a bargain price.

Be vigilant on behalf of yourself and others

Reported fakes being sold online to Ebay or to admin on retailer sites. If the website itself is selling counterfeit merchandise, report it to the manufacturer of the jeans. They will do what it takes to get the scammer to stop. If you spot sellers on Ebay selling knock offs and presenting them as authentic, definitely report them to Ebay. They do not tolerate scammers on their site and will disable their account. Reporting scammers is something we should all do to protect ourselves and other buyers. It's a public service of sorts. It's kind of like "do unto others....". We wouldn't want our friends being fakes, right? So let's try our best to stop these people from profiting through deception.


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      3 years ago

      It says Made in U.S.A. there is no the

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      3 years ago

      Great thkiginn! That really breaks the mold!

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      3 years ago

      Whoa, things just got a whole lot earsie.

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      4 years ago

      I am sorry it is made in romania, not switzerland.

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      4 years ago


      my brand new SFAM is Made in Switzerland. is it original?


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      4 years ago



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