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Spread The Puja Vibes with This Vibrant Look Wherever You Go

Updated on January 7, 2017

Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals widely celebrated across India. During this time the streets of Kolkata look as beautiful as a newly married bride. Every year we welcome the auspicious occasion with lots of shopping and planning. Durga Puja is also the festival of unity, it is the victory of good over evil. People during this time of the year forget their socio-cultural differences and indulge in the grandeur of the festivities. Shopping is an integral part of Durga Puja. Indian women prefer to look elegantly stylish for this festival. Here is a complete guide on the different shades of colour you can experiment with, this Durga Puja.


Red represents beauty in many languages. The colour is synonymous with sensuality and symbolizes passion and happiness. According to the Hindus the colour red denotes joy, life, energy and creativity. Unveil the desi girl in you and flaunt a mesmerizingly gorgeous look by wearing a red coloured Puja Special handloom saree on an Ashtami morning while offering Anjali to goddess Durga. You can also wear a red coloured Anarkali suit on a Navami night, while pandal hopping with your friends. Display your style statement by experimenting with various shades of red like vermillion, scarlet, cherry and crimson.


Blue is an enormously favourite colour among both men and women. The colour is seen as a trustworthy and loyal colour. It symbolizes wisdom and spiritual realization. Blue is also known as the colour of communication. Wear a printed blue coloured saree while pandal hopping with your family on a Shashti morning. You can also wear a salwar suit in blue on a Shashti or Saptami night for a charismatic look. Try out the blue coloured Indowestern tunics or kurtis from Simaaya Fashions Online Shopping Store and look spellbinding. Be a fashion icon as you experiment with the various shades of blue like indigo, sky, ocean and turquoise.


Orange is the colour of spontaneity and positive outlook. It is also the colour that denotes warmth, joy and optimism. The colour rejuvenates our spirit and also makes us look confident. Be the centre of attention by pandal hopping on an Ashtami or Navami night by wearing an orange coloured Kanjeevaram saree or a flared style orange coloured designer suit. You can experiment with the various hues of orange like peach, tangerine, carrot and neon to look mind-boggling this Durga Puja.


The colour white signifies calmness and inner peace. Being a mixture of seven colours, the colour white symbolizes a little bit of quality of each colour. The colour is the epitome of purity, innocence and protection. It is also regarded as the colour of perfection. Look like an ethnic diva by wearing a white south cotton saree on a Saptami morning. You can also wear white coloured floral printed crop tops with skinny jeans, while pandal hopping with friends and family. Team up a white coloured straightcut Indowestern kurti with red coloured leggings and bandhni dupatta and look gracefully elegant on Dashami. This Durga Puja try the different hues of white like snow, cream, ivory, pearl and antique for a sober and classy look.


Psychologically yellow is the happiest colour. Yellow being a cheerful colour is an attention getter. Considered to be an optimistic colour, yellow denotes charm and enthusiasm. The colour can awaken greater confidence. Wear a yellow coloured georgette or fancy saree or an anarkali suit in yellow and look charismatic on a Saptami morning. Flaunt the modernista in you by wearing yellow coloured Indowestern tunics or dresses while you go for a date with your loved ones. Flaunt a traditional festive look, while you try out the various hues of yellow like lemon, ochre, golden and neon.

Display a colourful and alluring look this festive season. Showcase a flamboyant look this Durga Puja as you choose your favourite coloured outfits from a wide and versatile range of attires from Durga Puja Collection.


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