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Updated on March 12, 2012

Why didn't I think of that?

Have you ever had a phrase pop up in your head at a random time during the day and your first thought was "Wow, that should be on a shirt!" Well I've always been one of those people. I've always said things that people either found funny or unbelievably messed up, but yet would be hilarious on a shirt. I had never given it much thought though because well... I hadn't really been paying attention. If i had been, I would have realized what a gold mine my thought process could have brought me a long time ago.

I was looking around hubpages for ways to make money when I stumbled upon a hub that mentioned different ways of making money online. One of these ways was creating your own personalized shirts store on My first initial thought was "Hey this doesn't sound like a bad idea." It's a great idea actually, especially for people who have a knack for funny quotes. People always like a good joke especially if they can wear them. So I decided to give it a shot. I went to the website and signed up for my own little shirt store.

Get $10 dollars off until March 19th on any order of $50 dollars or more from my Spreadshirt store, IMPISHLY Alluring Designs!
Get $10 dollars off until March 19th on any order of $50 dollars or more from my Spreadshirt store, IMPISHLY Alluring Designs!
Spreadshirt create tool!
Spreadshirt create tool!

Work in Progress

In the process of creating my store, I learned that deals with the making and shipping of the items and we get paid the commission when the item is sold. You are even allowed to set the rate of commission. There is also a market place where your personal designs that you uploaded to the site can be sold. Those designs then earn the commission you originally stated on the item every time that design is sold. Pretty good earning potential If you ask me.

If you happen to be good at design, this site is the prefect place to display it and also earn a residual income. I'm good at coming up with funny things to say but horrible with designs, so the great thing about is that they come with a t-shirt creation tool that has hundreds of different designs from the market place ready for your choosing. You can pick a design and then place your own text on the shirt. Or you can keep the design on it's own. Same goes for texts. They can be standalone.

Great shirt designs and ideas available through the create tool. Makes designing easy!
Great shirt designs and ideas available through the create tool. Makes designing easy!

I started my own little store! Impishly Alluring Designs!

Now it took me a while to come up with a name that I liked for my store. First I started out with ood Designs, but it turned out there was already a site out there with that name, so that had to go bye bye. Then I started looking around online for words that would describe my taste in t-shirts. I personally like shirts with funny quotes or risky material. Things that would make people laugh. I ended up falling on the word Impish. Mostly because I got it from the word mischievousness. That sounded a lot like my personality. So then my store was dubbed Impish Designs!... Then it turned out that name was taken too...What a bummer! Especially since I had done all the work of getting my store ready and adding it to my Google Analytics account. So then I went back and changed the name to Impishly Alluring Designs. So that's how I got my stores name. Now I hope i don't have to go back and change it again. Keep your fingers crossed. >_<

Now in the process of creating the shirts and changing the name so many times, I realized how simple the process is. It only takes a couple of minutes to create your shirts if you just want there to be written text. Uploading your own designs and using it on your shirts is also very simple. What I love about this website is that the work is basically done for you. You basically set up your store, create your shirts and post them on any social networking website or blog. Then set it and watch yourself get notifications from the website whenever a purchase has been made. And remember you set your own commission, so that's money in your pocket. Just remember not to make your prices to high.. Nobody wants to pay for expensive t-shirts!

Start your own business!

Spreadshirt has the option of opting for a paid service that entitles you to certain extra features that you wouldn't find in the free version of their stores. Depending on how many stores you would like to have up on the site and are willing to promote, you can pay $10 a month. This option is called Premium Membership. This service entitles you to :

  • Offer up to 5 shops with your own t-shirt designer
  • Send newsletters with new designs and products to your customers
  • Make your shop available in English and French
  • Your shop will have no advertising (no Spreadshirt banner)
  • Upload up to 50 vector or pixel designs daily free of charge
  • Place your logo on billing statements and shipping information
  • Specify quantity restrictions for selected products (“Limited Edition”)

More advantages and information are available here.

I'm glad I found this site because it seems like a great oppurtunity to sharpen by business skills and work on my internet marketing technique, which needs a lot of work. I hope you guys enjoyed this hub. Since I just recently started my shirt store I don't have many products available as of yet and would like for you guys to check them out and see if you like any of them, maybe even tell me what I should work on. I will be updating this hub as soon as I see some progress with my store. Until later CIAO!


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    • UMHiram profile image

      Unique Hiram 5 years ago from Midwest

      Great informational Hub! Also, thanks for the follow and I will definitely be following you back along with checking out some more of your Hubs.