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Spring And Summer Fashion Clothing

Updated on October 22, 2011

Spring is straight around the corner, and with it come some significant wardrobe decisions. Unfortunately, those clothing decisions can be somewhat expensive. The average woman has about $2,500 endued in her wardrobe at any given time.

That means your spring wardrobe may be requires a quarter of that investment. Using online coupons for your wardrobe is the best way to keep within your budget when shopping for new clothes this spring season.

The largest advantage of using discount codes or coupons is the huge savings they offer. You can get a large percentage of discounts utilizing these coupons.

Current Spring Fashion

You just require waiting for the upcoming spring 2010 and you will find yourself among a huge selection of entirely designed spring fashion tunic tops. There are floral tunics, satin tunics and silk tunics also. Thus you have got a different variety of tunic tops in terms of colors, fabrics and styles.

Here are few tips on how to wear tunic tops this spring in various styles and look fashionable and stylish.

Floral Tunic With Loose Jeans

Wearing jeans along with a floral tunic top can be a real eye-opener for both your female and male colleagues. Loose jeans can be the most suitable and comfortable. 

Try to wear such jeans with any floral tunic of your own choice. I can suggest you to go for a pale yellow tunic top, full of light pink floral prints, with deep green skinny jeans.

Satin Tunic With Thick-legged Trousers

Satin will rule in this spring season so will the tunic. Therefore, look out for something which blends them (tunic and satin) together.

Select a wide-legged trouser in classic black color. Choose a satin top dipped in any of the top ten colors of spring by Pantone.

Wear a black boot, use a designer belt and wrap a grey scarf. Do not forget to wear sunglasses.

Pink Silky Tunic With Metallic Skirts

Metallic fashion was a fury in the second half of 2009. This rage has crept into 2010 too. A pink tunic made of silk will be a perfect selection with some embroidery on its sleeves and neckline. Knee-length tunics are strongly prohibited, if you are going to wear a metallic short skirt. Instead, a waist-length tunic will be the most suitable choice with these skirts. 

Button Down Tunic

You may also name them, more obviously, as button down tunic shirts. Normally, such knee-length tunics are made of silk. So they are very much ideal for parties. You may favor to use them with trousers. 

Wear ballet or wedges flats. Select a red button down tunic along with a black belt. Take a matching handbag with you also.

Chubby Women Spring Fashion and Clothing - Two Most Flattering Dresses

Thus hide your chubbiness in this spring season in an artistic fashion.

Colorful Belted Trench Dress

 Designers have brought a classic blend of dresses and trench coats. So, in this spring season, purchase a colorful belted trench dress to give your spring season a fashionable and perfect start. The inbuilt belts are an extra advantage which covers your bulky waist perfectly. The broad collars are flattering too as they hide your chest area much genuinely.

Striped Wrap Dress

When you wear this wrap dress on your body, there is no sign of your chubbiness anywhere. It covers you superbly from top to bottom. Gone are the days of wrap dress of mono-colored. Now try these very wonderful striped wrap dresses this spring 2010.

You can purchase one with white and black stripes to give you a more classic look or style, or in order to look more stylish or trendy, you can select stripes of "blue and pink "or "green and blue" or whatever combination you find more stylish and trendy.

Current Fashion Trends of Spring

On the fashion walks we could see various tones of light pink color as a result of approaching spring season. Some of the designers have also decided to follow lighter tones like sky blue, grey, light pink and metallic because they are thought to be a classic spring colors.

Other colors like orange, yellow, red, purple and gold are going to emerge more seldom towards June and July, as they show the beauty of summer and each woman's satisfaction during this season.


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    • southernadver profile image

      southernadver 6 years ago from SC, USA

      Elegant dress! very passionate! Nice Hub!

    • profile image

      Raquel 6 years ago

      I love tunics and Indian Kurtis with leggings. I went to India last year and puchased Indian Tunics or kurtis for Rs. 2000 same as about $40.00 in the U.S. Then I came accross online sites like Yours Elegantly that sell tunics for $20 and up and feel in love. I now live in tunics as they give me a stylish yet casual designer look.