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Spring Fashion Tips for Plus-Size Women

Updated on June 18, 2013

Spring is just around the corner and brings with it new lines, new trends and colors
in the fashion world. Most women look forward to shopping for new clothes at this time but for the plus-size woman, it can be a little more difficult. Many plus-size women are not all one size fits all the way designers seem to think. Frequently, something that fits on top doesn’t fit on the bottom. Alternatively, often a top is made for someone generously endowed yet not all plus-size women have a very large bust. It helps to know and understand your body type.

The best way to do this is to stand in front of a mirror and take note of what you see. Are you large on top with a thinner bottom and legs? Then you are a barrel shape. If you are smaller on top and get bigger in the hips, belly and bottom you are a pear shaped plus size. If your weight and curves are all over in a round shape than your body type is called the apple. Take your body type into consideration when purchasing your clothes.

For example, if you have a large frame on top of being plus sized or pear shaped, then shirts with extreme patterns may make you appear larger and draw too much attention. You want people to see you first when you walk into a room not your clothing as though it had a life of its own. The same line of thought applies to large floral patterns. Spring's trends suggest that flowered designs will be big in 2013 so choose styles with smaller flower prints instead of huge blossoms splashed across the entire piece.

Apple body types can wear longer styles of sweaters or tops because generally, they tend to have longer slimmer legs. Pear shapes often think using a longer top helps with a slimming look, but it really depends on the fabric and how tall you are. Some fabrics that cling or hug the body will actually draw attention to the area you may be trying to hide.

Bows will also be in this spring season. Again, the placement of the bows is the key. For instance, if you have a very full bust, you are trying to minimize wearing a dress or top with bows across the bust will lead the eye to look there first. Instead choose something with small bows on the sleeve or that used bow shaped buttons.

Shopping can be difficult if you are plus size, but it can also be fun. Accentuate your body’s best features by your choices while avoiding those things that draw attention to what you believe are your worst features.


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