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Spring's Sprung Colors, 2013

Updated on April 3, 2013
Multi color strip blocking
Multi color strip blocking | Source
Multi color strip blocking
Multi color strip blocking | Source
Spring nail color, neon green
Spring nail color, neon green | Source

Every season and every new year colors are forecasted. The general public typically takes it's cues on what colors are hip and with it from the designers producing the current style trends.

They on the other hand take their cues from those who actually come up with the color palette for the new season and the new year.

The fabric is dyed and the purchases are made according to each designer's research and fancy.

The go to company for making out the coveted list of colors is Pantone. They communicate the color trends and assist businesses with all the selections so that every industry that uses any color combinations from clothing to home fashions and artists a like have one source that takes the work out of it all.

2013 Projected Colors

  • Blue, dark blue, Monaco blue
  • Red, Poppy red
  • Green, tender shoot, emerald, grayed jade
  • Yellow, lemon zest
  • Purple, African violet
  • Orange, Nectarine
  • Nude, linen

Secondary Colors

  • white
  • coral
  • dandelion
  • magenta
  • champagne, ivory
  • purple

Remember you want colors that can transition easily into summer and fall if possible.

Inexpensive additions

  • jewelry, chunky, colorful
  • hosiery
  • scarves, multi tones
  • shoes


  • dress
  • t - shirt
  • skirt
  • pants


  • nail color
  • lipstick
  • eye shadow


  • scarves
  • hats
  • handbags
  • shoes
  • jewelry
  • hosiery


Most of us can't afford a whole new wardrobe. Yet most of us can afford to spend a few dollars here and there to stay current or hip. Finding a way to make new items work with whatever you already possess in your closet is always a smart shopper's guide to being beautiful and money savvy.

Everything to do with fashion can cost a lot. I frankly don't believe it is a good idea to blow too much money or money you can ill afford to live up to someone else's sense of style. Yet if you have to i always suggest you put a budget in place before entering any store. Whether they offer good bargains or not.

Fashion is too fleeting. To stay current every season will continuously break the bank. Yet if you have classic pieces that fortify your lifestyle and your wardrobe you will never have to be left behind.

We all know that good pieces whether expensive or not are always good pieces.


  • A great pair of jeans, denim blue and white - comfortable, and body flattering.
  • A great pair of khakis
  • A great pair of black pants
  • A flattering skirt
  • A flattering sheath or simple one piece dress
  • A classic pant suit
  • A classic skirt suit
  • a neutral leather purse
  • a pair of nice black shoes
  • a pair of nice brown or neutral pumps

Remember this list is incomplete but it is a good foundation or start to any wardrobe.

Also keep in mind that many companies and designers have their own personal color palettes they implement for their personal preferences when it comes to their product.

Staying color current is not difficult or expensive, you just need to be a savvy budget conscious style hunter.


Go shopping with a budget of $5.00 to $10.00 Budget.

  • Pick up seasonal items that cost no more than $ 10.00 including taxes.

So go ahead and have a blast and see what you can find to update your wardrobe with the seasonal colors of 2013.

Tip, the money you don't spend, set it aside & SAVE!!!


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