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Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Style for Women

Updated on August 7, 2012
Pret-a-Surf | Source

The latest craze of Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) is all the rage for beginners, professionals and families alike. Whether you choose flat water or waves, this Hawaiian-born sport will surely grab a hold of you. It's a great workout, too which may be why women all over the world have taken note and are starting to dominate the sport.

SUP Apparel for Women

Stand-Up Paddling has also drawn the attention of apparel designers all over the world inspiring them to create chic styles for women who are active and want to look good doing it.

Some of my personal favorites are from Australian designer, Tallow Gallery; "a contemporary women's brand which embraces the exquisiteness, grace and vitality of female surfing". The line consists of swimwear, wetsuits, apparel and accessories with artwork commissioned by a unique bunch of Australian and international artists. They have found a way to take neoprene and rock it with modern palettes and cuts.

Another drool-worthy line is by American-made Pret-a-Surf. The founders, Jillian Demling and Karen Mulligan, met over ten years ago while working on a photo shoot (Ms. Mulligan is the Studio Manager for photographer Annie Leibovitz and Ms. Demling is the Entertainment Editor at Vogue). They were both preparing to attend a surf camp in Costa Rica and needed to take a long stylish gear and apparel. Frustrated by the lack of fit, function and fashion for the women's surf market, they decided to create their own line and Pret-a-Surf was born. The line has a preppy feel to it (think J.Crew goes surfing) with it's inclusion of stripes, mini florals and polka-dots.

The Seea, another American-made line based out of California, is a designer I can't forget. Self proclaimed as "a celebration of the style, rhythm, and grace of women’s surfing", the line mixes retro with contemporary into the cuts and color patterns of each piece. 100% California-made product adorned with a letterpress hangtag and a hair band for your next surf session. How cool is that? Their Doheny Rashguard screams glam and hardcore at the same time. A must have piece for all us ladies.

Maaji Swimwear also creates amazing swimsuits with a boho-chic style. Based out of Colombia, their eclectic creations and innovative cuts are designed for the trendy woman. Their secret ingredient is the mixture of colors, forms, silhouettes, and textures allowing their pieces to be sexy without going too far.

Leave it to the Australians to have yet another fabulous surf-ready fashion line. ZImmerman, a fun, flirty and feminine line utilizes ruffles and uncommon cuts to stand out from the competition. The Sydney-based brand has partnered with, an American online fashion mecca, to create an exclusive collection of swimsuits, coverups, dresses and more.

Well-known surf brand Roxy has taken note of their competition and partnered with fashion designer Cynthia Rowley for a line of stylish wetsuits that seem to embrace the 1960s. It's high fashion meets credible technology, with sexy cuts, bright colors, and flirtatious fun.

SUP Accessories & Gear

In addition to apparel, gear has also taken a stylish turn. Canadian based Paiwen makes beautiful stand up boards specifically for women. After testing all shapes and sizes, Paiwen came up with what they think is the best all-around stand up paddleboard for women. Made with Epoxy/bamboo, this gorgeous board is great for every woman, beginner to advanced. You'll be able to glide across flat water, hammer through chop and surf waves. In addition to their sweet board, they also have Paiwen paddles, fins, leashes, bags and more.

Another chic board that also give back is NSP's Betty SUP. This board benefits the Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC) foundation by donating its proceeds from each purchase to support youth-focused education and awareness programs. Did I mention how cute it is with pops of neon pink, yellow, orange and red?

Another great board for the ladies is the Hobie ATR (All Terrain Rider) Stand up Paddle Board. Lightweight and easy to carry, this board has outstanding glide, excellent stability in all conditions, shiny good looks and easy maneuverability. Perfect for the beginner to advanced paddler.

Accessories are a must-have when talking about fashion or gear. Rip Curl's waterproof Kirra Oceantide Watch features an Automatic Tide System, Alarm, Dual Time and Countdown Heat Timer and it looks good, too. Don't forget to protect your eyes with The Beachwood sunglasses by Spy. Made from a handmade acetate with rounded lenses and high-temple styling as well as an anti-reflective inner lens coating.

Captain Fin Co. has created an adorable Kassia Heart Fin that will customize and feminize your SUP in no time. Be sure not to forget a sweet leash such as C.I. Dane Reynolds colorful option and a fun paddle such as Kialoa's Super Light Pipes Paddle designed especially for women.

As with any outdoor sport, sun protection is a must-have. My personal favorite is Vertra Sunblock, reminding me of the old-school zinc I wore as a kid. Choose from Translucent, Beige or Kona Gold to match your skin tone. Whatever your flavor, now you have no excuse not to use it. Add a cute sun hat such as Athleta's Floppy Fedora or Dakine's Indo Surf Hat to increase your sun protection and look great doing it.

So how are you going to carry all of these accessories? In Billabong's Take Me With You backpack made of washed cotton canvas with a faux leather contrast trim and front zip pocket.

GoofBoard-Surfing Balance Board w/ Wingnut

Azul - A Waterlust film about women in water

Roxy team rider Vanina Walsh win's the Women's SUP event


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    • miamipaddler profile image

      Sara Roberts 5 years ago from Miami

      Awesome hub! Some great brands I'll have to check out.