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Star Trek Apparel - Buy Star Trek Clothes Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Star Trek is one of the most beloved franchises of all time; from TV shows, to blockbuster movies, the series has transcended generations and, most importantly, has transcended time. The characters are some of the most endearing, the story lines some of the most engaging, the visuals and settings some of the most imaginative - in, well, a few words, Star Trek is science fiction at its finest.

Therefore it's no surprise that Star Trek apparel - Star Trek shirts, Star Trek pants, etc - are some of the most popular pieces of clothing on the planet. You don't have to be considered to be a Trekkie to wear Star Trek clothes, although if you wear a full fledged Star Trek communications officer uniform then maybe you should rethink it; in the end it doesn't matter.

There have been many different series of Star Trek, from the original, to the lost castaways in Star Trek voyager, all the way to the fan favorite series of the Next Generation. The best part about all these different characters, ships, and stories? You can buy Star Trek clothing that represents them all. Buy a Star Trek badge from voyager for the kids; buy a Star Trek sweater for your Dad; even buy a Star Trek tee shirt for yourself.

The possibilities are endless.


Star Trek Clothes

The outfits in Star Trek are illustrious and of a wide variety; just scan through your TV channels late at night, stop on an episode of Star Trek, and check out all the different Star Trek apparel that is being worn.  It's very interesting.

The following is available:

  • Star Trek Sweaters
  • Star Trek Shirts
  • Star Trek Pants
  • Star Trek Badge
  • Star Trek Red Shirt
  • Star Trek Uniforms For Sale
  • Star Trek Communications Officer
  • Star Trek Jacket

Star Trek Shirts

There are many different Star Trek tee shirts for sale for both men, women; there are even Star Trek shirts for babies. The point is is that you could spend hours searching for the perfect Star Trek tee; my other point is is that you don't have too. Some of the best Star Trek shirts for sale are right in front of you and not very hard to find.

My favorite Star Trek shirt is the classic Star Trek uniform shirt. You know the one: it's the the red Star Trek shirt the captain wears, or the ugly yellow Star Trek tee shirt that worn by all engineers. With the recent release of the movie there has been a release of Star Trek shirts, including Star Trek red shirt and the Star Trek communications officer shirt. Made from 100% polyester and a starfleet emblem, this is the ultimate Star Trek shirt.

There also many Star Trek designer tees that are also a great gift idea. My favorite, and I'm sure it may be yours too, is the Spock tee shirt. It's a black tee shirt with Spock on the front, along with the quote, "Live Long and Prosper". Classic.

Star Trek Sweater

What's better on a cold day then to sit on the couch and watch Star Trek - let me add: to watch Star Trek while wearing a Star Trek sweater or a Star Trek hoodie.  There's nothing truly better.  (Okay.  Maybe there is. )

Star Trek sweaters come in an array of designs, colors, and materials.  

  • Star Trek Delta Shield.  Any Color, with the classic Star Trek logo in the front.
  • Star Trek Enterprise Hoodie:  Enterprise Logo on front. 
  • Star Trek Eclipse Pull Over 
  • Star Trek Animated Hoodie:  Has a cool picture of enterprise at warp. 
  • Star Fleet Academy Sweater
  • Star Trek Badge Sweater
  • Vintage Star Trek Sweater: Original colors. 
  • Captain Kirk Sweater

Star Trek Pants

There's nothing really special about Star Trek pants; they're just pure black pants that, at times, fit a little too tightly.  That's not to say they aren't great Star Trek apparel and a must have for any true Star Trek fan. 

As far as buying Star Trek pants online, the majority only come in the form of a costume.  The best Star trek clothing for kids in that of Star Trek costumes; all costumes come with a shirt and Star Trek pants. 

Star Trek Uniforms

Last, but not least, are Star Trek uniforms. Star Trek uniforms are exactly how they sound - uniforms that are exact replicas from the TV show. This means your wearing the entire suit, from Star Trek pants, to Star Trek shirt, to even the Star Fleet badge. Only for true Trekkie (or closet Trekkie's).

One of the bestselling Star Trek uniforms is the Next Generation Red uniform (the one Picard would have worn). This is an excellent uniform, and cheap, that is an officially licensed Star Trek product. Made out 100% polyester, and coming in all adult sizes. This uniform also comes in the color of doctor (teal) and gold (of engineering).

Other Star Trek uniforms for sale are the Deep Space nine uniform, the Uhura costume, as well as the Lt. Dax blue uniform.




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    • RichardCMckeown profile image


      7 years ago

      So much fun article. Love those apparels.


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