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Star and Half Moon Tattoos

Updated on July 4, 2015

Why Should I get a Star or Moon Tattoo ?

Star and moon tattoos are an extremely popular tattoo choice among women in general. There are a lot of options and varieties of star and moon tattoos. A lot of people like to put them together within one tattoo. Individually, they are great by themselves as well. Another variation of a star and moon combo, is adding the sun to your design. Some people like to do a half moon and half sun with some stars. A three dimensional star and moon tattoo would look really cool, and it would be something that not everybody has. A lot of people like to have the stars swirling around the moon, or as an alternative having the stars look like they are falling down from the moon.

cool moon and stars tattoo

different stars and moon tattoo

unique moon and stars tattoo

pretty star and moon tattoo


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