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Starcraft 2 Gold

Updated on February 6, 2011
Starcraft 2 Gold
Starcraft 2 Gold

Are you wondering where gold is at this starcraft 2? Now it is not Gold Gold per se. It is an increased high yield mineral deposit or mineral field that is directly as a bright yellow hue blending into something that is called gold. This started when certain areas on maps are designed to be highly fought over and something needs to be appealing enough for combat to take place there. Rich minerals, as they are now called instead of high yield minerals, are mined faster than regular fields taking in seven minerals instead of five minerals per trip by SCVs and six times that when mined by MULEs. MULEs are the short form of mobile utility lunar excavator.

The gold basically takes the pace of the game to a faster level and can sometimes be game breaking. It also tends to be in a semi vulnerable spot such that a forked push might take a gold unaware.

There was one game where Hydra played against Masq and for a period of time the tussle over the Rich Minerals took center stage. It also serves as a good psychological pivot as it can anchor the attention of the opposing player.

On the real world perspective, the real life version of employing MULEs or mining Gold Minerals may well be to invest in a decent pair of Starcraft 2 Gaming Mouse or if you are the sort to farm APM, a starcraft 2 keyboard on amazon that is made by the same company that is razer which would also be in the name of the above two items like Razer Marauder as well as Razer Spectre.

If you are looking more for the real precious metal, well unfortunately there isn't that much in Starcraft 2 if at all, but you can look at some genuine Silver Panda Coins to satisfy your curiosity for precious metals.


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