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Starting Your Own Skincare Routine

Updated on May 2, 2019
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Used to be plagued by skincare problems such as acne, and hyperpigmentation. I finally got rid of them through years of experimentation.


Having your own skincare routine especially amidst the pollution and stress we usually face is difficult to maintain. Those starting their skincare routine are often overwhelmed by the amount of information and data they are given to them by the internet or by their peers. The problem with starting your own skincare routine is that one little mishap can leave you with irreparable consequences. Some often go to professionals to have their skincare made for them, and some try their best learning from articles such as this or Youtube videos readily available on their phone. This article will help you understand how to start your own skincare routine and avoid making the same mistakes beginners usually commit.

4 Basic Skincare Routine

What does it do?
Cleans out the impurities from your skin
Removes dirt and grime that can potentially block your pores
Cleans the remaining impurities your cleanser didn't remove
Preps your skin for the next step in your routine
Gives your extra nourishment
Helps lower sebum production
Blocks out UVA and UVB rays from the sun
Helps avoid sebum oxidation and minimize sun damage to the skin
The four basic steps of skincare routine every teenager/beginner should follow

If you've looked online chances are you've already been bombarded with terms such as: essence, serum, exfoliation, emulation, and other skincare terms that seems difficult to comprehend and afford. Good news, those steps are usually for those who are plagued with acne and are looking to give their skin extra nourishment, that's not something you should divulge into in the beginning. These four skincare routine are the ones you should follow if you're just a beginner.

1. Cleansing

Cleansing is not something you can bargain in a beginner skincare routine, cleansing helps you remove any dirt that you've accumulated throughout the day. Washing your face is recommended to be done at least two times a day, to secure a clean face-one in the morning and one at night.

There are several products in the market that can help you wash your face, but for a beginner, it's recommended that you start with something gentle that won't compromise your skin's natural barriers. I personally recommend COSRX's Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. It's suitable for all skin types and it's very gentle. It also has salicylic acid-a product known to penetrate your pores and tea tree oil-a naturally occurring oil that is known to be anti-inflammatory.

If your face feels squeaky clean after cleansing, it's best to avoid using the product that caused this in the first place. That squeaky clean feeling means that the cleanser removed all sebum in your face and that can cause your skin to overcompensate and give you more oil instead.

2. Toning

Toners are often unused. People don't understand how they work or what their importance is in a skincare routine. In a gist, toners helps remove excess grime that your cleanser didn't remove, traces of oil and makeup, correct and balance your face's pH level, and control acne. There are other toners that usually combine steps with exfoliation or help penetrate your pores, but I wouldn't recommend it until you're more experienced in skincare. There are different types of toners in the market, so it's best you find the toner that works for you.

3. Moisturizing

Moisturizers along with cleansers and sunscreens are not something you can bargain with. A good moisturizer can go a long way. It can help give your skin nourishment that it badly needs, rejuvenate your skin to look more plump, and minimize sebum production. Our face is already known to create our own moisturizer, which is sebum/oil, and an overproduction of this substance is detrimental for our face's appearance. Moisturizers minimize sebum production by moisturizing your skin, so your face doesn't need to overcompensate and create more sebum. By doing this, your face will look more full and healthy, and keep your pores from expanding.

I personally recommend gel type moisturizers such as Nature Republic's 92% Soothing Gel. Gel moisturizers seep into your skin faster, and the aloe vera this moisturizer has keeps your face from sagging and looking old.

4. Sunscreen

If you're stubborn and won't commit to the other three skincare routine, you should definitely not compromise this one. Being exposed to the sun's rays have been been reported to affect your skin in the long term. Sun spots, hyperpigmentation, skin cancer, rashes, dermatitis, all of this can be caused by the sun's rays. This is why sunscreen is very important, I would go as far and say that don't bother following a skincare routine if you're not planning to commit using a sunscreen because it'll just be futile.

There are two types of sunscreen in the market, there are chemical sunscreens and mineral (physical) sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens are sunscreens that instead of reflecting the sun rays, absorb these rays and store it in your body. Chemical sunscreens usually has oxybenzone-a controversial chemical known to injure your skin and the environment. Chemical sunscreens prove to be more damaging in the long term for your skin and for the environment.

Mineral sunscreens on the other hand are said to be better for your skin and for the environment. Physical sunscreens usually has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Titanium oxide is a product used to block out the UVB rays from the sun, while the zinc oxide is a product used to block out the UVA rays from the sun. The problem with using mineral sunscreens however is the white cast they leave after application.

I personally recommend The Ordinary's Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with Antioxidants. This sunscreen is a physical sunscreen made with both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The only con of using this sunscreen is that it leaves a white cast, however the combination of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide will help you filter out all of the harsh rays that comes from the sun. The antioxidants from this sunscreen also helps give your face extra nourishment that'll help your skin.

Using sunscreen is very important as they help your face stop sebum oxidation. Sebum oxidation is when the natural occurring oils from our sweat glands are oxidized by UV exposure. Using sunscreen avoids sebum oxidation by not letting your sebum come into contact with any UV rays.

When starting with skincare, it's best to opt for Asian/Eastern products as they're more gentle on your skin and has less concentration of active ingredients.

A video explaining the basics of skincare

These are the basic steps of skincare, if you're planning to follow a more comprehensive skincare routine, I suggest you put that on hold if your face is not damaged or in anyway lacking sustenance. The same goes to the in/famous Korean 10 step skincare routine. Your face's skin is an amazing organ, let it do its job. Don't ruin your skin's natural barriers by introducing a bunch of products all at once. Also, make sure to find what the right product is for you, if you're breaking out because of a new product, make sure to wait for a month before planning to change it again.

© 2019 Angelo Samonte


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    • Angelo Samonte profile imageAUTHOR

      Angelo Samonte 

      12 months ago from Mandaluyong City

      Thank you Marlene! I was inspired to write this hub after reading your hub.

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      12 months ago from USA

      This is an excellent article about proper skin care. I like how you were very clear about the process and conscientious about beginners and set cautions in place for them.


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