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Steal Their Style: Mr David Beckham

Updated on July 9, 2015

Introducing a little splash of menswear into the inspiration here at Steal Their Style, and to kick us off who better to start with than one of the best dressed men in the world David Beckham. After stints playing for some the world’s most well-known football clubs and being married to a now internationally recognised designer Beckham has become known for his sense of style both for formal and ‘everyday’ occasions. His mix of British style infused with designers from around the world make his style one of the most desirable and adopted by fans and gentlemen in general looking to upgrade their wardrobes.

Leather Boots

Away from the pitch Beckham has swapped his football boots for something a bit more durable and hard wearing, often going for a strong look with leather boots whether he is clocking up air miles or heading out for pie and mash in London. There are no shortage of leather boot options for you to choose from to follow in the footsteps of Beckham, from high street retailers to the biggest leather designers but your best bet may be the reasonably price Red Wing Shoes which are not only sure to last but will ensure you look good in the process.


Baker Boy Cap

Weather as an attempt to go unnoticed by both paparazzi and fans when looking for a bit of down time Beckham is often seen out wearing his reliable baker boy cap. Slightly different to the similar ‘grandad’ cap the baker boy is slightly more puffed out and adds a touch more character to an outfit. Among adopters of the style is even Beckham's eldest Brooklyn and they both styled a baker boy recently when on a fishing trip together.

Leather Jacket

As the face of British luxury label Belstaff and a motor cycle enthusiast himself it is not majorly surprising that a staple of Mr Beckham’s wardrobe is his leather jacket. Seen excellently paired with both the leather boots and baker boy cap already mentioned this is definitely Beckham’s ‘go to look’ and one you can replicate yourself. Here we don’t have to guess what designer Beckham favours, although to go for the exact same jacket in this case will set you back £1,295, leather is definitely an investment piece.

Belstaff Leather Jacket
Belstaff Leather Jacket | Source

Suited & Booted

So far we have looked at the looks Beckham puts together whether hanging out with friends and family or heading out for drinks but as we mentioned there are two sides to what makes the man so stylish and now we will look at the more formal side to the well turned out star. A suit is a hard look to steal, some people just hold themselves in a manner that looks good in anything whereas others such as the Mayor of London Boris Johnson manage to make a Saville row suit look like it was thrown on. In this case a tailored Tom Ford suit and tuxedo definitely help but whatever suit you go for the right fit can make or break your look.


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