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Steampunk Rings and Jewelry

Updated on September 29, 2009

Steampunk is a style typified by taking mechanical doodads and displaying them warts, gears and all as works of art. Steampunk is most often expressed with cogs and gears, ye olde type writer keys, and other pieces of technology which proceeded this golden age of electirickery we now live in.

I like steampunk as a style because it has a certain Victorian Elegance to it without being stuffy and prudish. It hearkens back to days of simplicity, where a car would have been referred to as a 'steam horse', and it is always coated in a bronze / gold

The steampunk rings you'll see proudly displayed along the side of the page here are all created by one lovely damsel, Catherine, who has devoted her creative career to making steampunk jewelery, and one charming gentleman, Daniel, who quite fell into creating steampunk designs by accident in his quest to create future-retro designs. Their online store can be found at Etsy.

These two truly do know their stuff, from 'traditional' steampunk designs incorporating semi precious jewels, to designs which incorporate the eyes of reptiles. (That is a taxidermist's glass eye, well, the eye that a taxidermist would use when creating a stuffed reptile, not the glass eye of some poor taxidermist who was jumped by Catherine and Daniel who stole his eye with a jaunty chuckle and wandered off to make it into jewelry. They're good at what they do, but they're not crazed jewelery eye thieves.)

From the (relatively) simple, to the incredibly ornate, there are designs and rings to tempt any fashionable gentleman or lady who enjoys celebrating his or her Victorian heritage. What more splendid time to celebrate, I ask? A time when Darwin was just beginning to apologetically stir up trouble with his talk of finches and tortoises? A time when PT Barnum's circus was one of the greatest sights to be seen on the planet, a time when Arthur Conan Doyle penned his tales of the inimitable Sherlock Holmes and dreamed of fairies at the bottom of his garden?

In steampunk, we reclaim the innocence of this era of innovation and change, and we get to dress in a style which has sadly long left the world in favor of horrid plain cotton jeans and grossly unsatisfying spandex. In steampunk, we return, back from the future with weird technologies and ornate jewelery which delights and inspires the imagination. In steampunk we turn back time, we find a way, and Cher has yet to be born.


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