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Steel toe shoes

Updated on October 12, 2012

Steel toe shoes are manufactured for people searching for more safety to their feet because they offering more protection and support all parts of feet. Toes, ankles and soles are the most areas of the feet exposed to damage and Steel toe shoes are supported with extra layer of protection in the these zones to avoid feet injuries.

Army men are usually wears steel toe shoes to protect them from tear and wear due to hard physical exercises.

Steel toe shoes are designed to give the wearers more safety and comfort through special characteristics that most steel toe shoes must have. they protect getting hurt from heavy pieces or metal objects because of its durable and safeguarding steel toe, moreover, they could resist slipping through a special design for the soles.

they are also water resistance for these people suffering from wet like workers and army men. More special functions could be added to these shoes like fire resistance, electrical shock resistance and buoyancy as in navy shoes.

Because of their hardened and tough nature, steel toe shoes are ideally used in construction sites where the workers and engineers are exposed to heavy metals and be hurt from steel rebar. Steel toe shoes do well at wet sites because of slip resistance.

Steel toe shoes are appropriate solution for army men, air force men, people working at factories, hikers, mountaineers, navy men and everyone who search for more safety.


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