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Stem Cell Skin Care

Updated on January 5, 2013

Can Stem Cells Really Help?

Ever since the beginning of human existence, we have always admired the amazing ability of plants to regenerate and replace worn out or damaged parts. The aging process wouldn't be much of a concern if we could find a way to regenerate the skin of our youth.

Most anti-aging products on the market today use some combination of moisturizing agents or acids to create the short-term appearance of youthfulness. Unfortunately, many of these products come with a steep price and offer very little in the way of long-term benefits.

Plant Stem Cell Technology

What if we could somehow harness the regenerative power of plants and apply that same concept to skin care? Imagine the possibilities! Well, several companies on the cutting edge of cosmetics technology claim to have developed a way to do just that.

It began with a process that was developed to harness the stem cells of an apple and preserve them in a usable state. The first product to hit the market was an anti-wrinkle cream that used apple stem cells to encourage human stem cells to regenerate to put the brakes on the aging process. Due to the high cost of the ingredients, the price of the product was somewhat prohibitive for the average consumer.

The next and probably most well know use of plant stem cell skin care technology is by a company called Adonia Organics. They developed an anti-cellulite cream that uses plant stem cells to fight the development of cellulite. Unlike earlier stem cell technology pioneers, Adonia was able to get the cost of the product low enough that a typical consumer could afford it. Fashion magazines and Hollywood celebrities alike fell in love with this product and it has been a run away hit ever since. AOL even referred to it as a nine minute miracle cellulite cream!

OK, so we know that being popular is good but being effective is even better. Does the stem cell cellulite cream really work? A top cosmetics testing research lab seems to think so. They ran a study on a statistically significant panel of women and found that it reduced the appearance of cellulite by as much as 71% in just 6 weeks.

As plant stem cell technology continues to improve and evolve, we are likely to see more and more incredible products that revolutionize how we approach our anti-aging routines. Things that were impossible or science fiction just a few years ago are going to become more and more mainstream. This new technology holds promise to take the beauty industry to a whole new level.

Someday, we may even be able to capture the full regenerative power of plants and apply it directly to the human body! Until then, continue to take good care of your skin and keep up to date on the latest stem cell skin care products so you can stay young and beautiful.

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    • ofek profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice hub.

    • profile image

      Sophia Thalberg 

      8 years ago

      I always tried using many skin care products but nothing gets good results to my skin. Since i used a product withStem cell skin cream my skin now looks fairer and healthier. It works really well.


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