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Stem Cell Therapy in Korea: What You Need To Know

Updated on August 28, 2013

Using your own stem cells to rejuvenate and rebuild your face and body is no longer a figment of the imagination, but now a true reality. Stem cell therapy in Korea is a procedure that involves the injection of healthy stem cells – blood or marrow – into the body to replace damaged cells.

There are many different types of stem cells that are formed at different times in our lives, such as embryonic stem cells that exist only at the earliest stages of fetal development and “adult” stem cells that remain in our bodies throughout life.

Why Is It Done?

Stem cell treatment is a regenerative type of medical intervention, and its transplants are used primarily to treat people whose stem cells have been damaged by disease or the treatment of a disease. As such, stem cell therapy in Korea is not only used as an alternative to traditional face lift surgery, it may also help treat blood disorders by killing cancer cells and helping the patient recover faster from high doses of chemotherapy and radiation.

Each type of stem cell has a specific function and cannot be expected to make cell types from other tissues. Despite the hype, experts said it is unlikely that a single type of stem cell transplant can treat multiple unrelated conditions. It is important that the cell type used in the treatment is appropriate to the specific condition.

Why choose Asian cosmetic surgery?

Stem Cells In Asian Plastic Surgery

Technological advancements have made stem cells the best, most natural and the safest product to tout, contour and revitalize the face and body. Instead of the traditional anti aging surgery, stem cells that are rich in fat are injected to treat the eyes, forehead, temples, cheeks, wrinkles, jowls, as well as fill cellulite dimples and reduce scars.

Stem cell therapy in Asian Plastic Surgery are deemed safe by experts because the adult stem cells used come from the patient’s own body’s fat and injected back into a specific part of the body. Because adult stem cells are found in fat, they are relatively easy to access, allowing for repeat or multiple procedures without the need for general anesthesia.

The stem cell science is constantly moving forward. We know that every medical procedure has risks, but there have been great advances in treating diseases and conditions using stem cells, which only proves how powerful stem cell therapies can be. Scientists are working nonstop every day, researching ways to harness stem cells and use them to learn more about and treat various diseases and conditions – not just for cosmetic surgery.

Why choose Korean medical tourism for Asian plastic surgery?


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