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Step-by Step guide: How to apply false lashes

Updated on February 5, 2015

Applying false lashes is always a daunting task. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you put them on like a pro!

What you will need...

★False Lashes: Basic Upper + Cross-hair Upper + Lower
★Gel Eyeliner
★Liquid Eyeliner
★Lengthening Mascara (Upper Lashes)
★Comb Mascara (Lower Lashes)
★Black Glue (Upper Lashes)
★Clear Glue (Lower Lashes)



  1. Draw a thin eyeline with the gel eyeliner. Curl your natural lashes with a curler, then apply mascara.
  2. Hold the basic upper false lash firmly and pull out the sticky glue that comes with the lashes. Leaving the glue there will make the lashes look used and worn-out.
  3. Align the false lashes with your eye before sticking it on. Make sure that it’s the right length, such that when you stick it on, there will be a gap at the inner corner and a tiny bit sticking out at the outer corner.
  4. Cut the lashline to length. Try to make the cut between lash bunches for a natural finish.
  5. Use black glue, as it will help to further enhance your eyeline. Apply it evenly onto the lashbone, and blow on it until the glue is half-dry.
  6. Using tweezers, start to stick on the false lashes from the middle of your eye, as close to your natural lashline as possible. Stick the rest of the false lash onto your eye, first at the inner corner, then at the outer corner.
  7. Make sure that the entire lash is fitted on firmly. Adjust the lash’s angle with your finger and mix it together with your natural lashes.
  8. Cut the cross-hair upper lash in half. We will be using the outer half to add volume at the outer corner.
  9. Stick on the cross-hair lashes at the outer corner, above the basic lashes. Allow the outer corner of the false lash to stick out beyond your eye for about 5mm.
  10. Cut the lower false lashes into small bunches. Stick on 3 bunches along the outer corner, using clear glue.
  11. Apply mascara to blend the natural and false lashes together. We recommend using lengthening mascara for the upper lashes and the comb-type for the lower lashes.
  12. Go over your eyeline again with liquid eyeliner to hide any trace of glue, and you’re done!

- S Cawaii Super Eye Make-up Book

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