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Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewelry Is A Great Gift Idea For Women

Updated on June 20, 2011

What Is Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewelry?

Sterling Silver Marcasite jewelry is a combination of sterling silver and maracasite which is white iron pyrite. Marcasite jewelry was a popular type of Victorian jewelry and currently remains popular in the fashion jewelry world.

Where Can I Buy Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewelry?

Sterling silver marcasite jewelry can be purchase online and you will have a wonderful selection to choose from. You can find many unique designs of sterling silver marcasite that can be found in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches and more.

When you shop online whether its for a gift or yourself, you have a wonderful selection plus you have the convenience of shopping from your home. You can simply find the item you like, purchase it in a secure online transaction and the wonderful piece of sterling silver marcasite jewelry will be shipped right to your home. No hassles and no fighting the mall traffic.

Sterling Silver Marcasite Necklaces

Sterling Silver Marcasite necklaces are designed in a variety of styles. Check out the section on the right where you can see some of the necklaces made of sterling silver marcasite.

My personal favorite is the heart shaped marcasite with a glass stone insert. It is a beautifully romantic necklace and looks great on. Any woman would love one of those as a gift. There is even one that has interchangeable colored stone so you can change up the look.

The smaller daintier sterling silver marcasite necklaces are also pretty and look exquisite when worn on a woman with a small neck.

Many women like to wear a simple cross necklace. The sterling silver marcasite cross would be perfect for them. It is a just right size of a cross pendant...neither too small or too big.

The sterling silver marcasite jewelry just makes a fine looking piece of jewelry. I have one in a hear shaped with an opal in the center of it. I wear it all the time and rarely take it off. I get many compliments on the marcasite necklace.

You will not be disappointed if you choose to buy one of these sterling silver marcasite necklaces.

Sterling Silver Marcasite Rings

What a way to show off your sterling silver a beautiful marcasite ring. The ccome in all sizes and make a beautiful gift item.

On the right you can see some of the sterling silver marcasite rings you can buy online. The desings are absolutely exquisite. You can buy one in a smaller design or a larger design to match your taste.

Remember its is very easy to shop online and you can really get some nice deals without all the hassle of shopping in the mall.

Sterling Silver Marcasite Earrings

Marcasite jewelry looks very Victorian and the earrings especially so. I love the ones that are long and dangling and the added gemstone just gives it a perfect look. How lovely would they look with an updo hairstyle so the earrings can be clearly seen.

Other styles of the sterling silver marcasite earring would look great with all fashions from casual to office look. They just give your look a nice little bit of elegance.

Sterling Silver Marcasite Bracelets

I have a selection of bracelets that are available in sterling silver marcasite. The bangle bracelet would look so pretty on a ladies wrist. Giving a marcasite bracelet as a gift for birthday, Christmas or Valentines would be a big hit.

As you can see in the right column there is also a bracelet watch made out of sterling silver marcasite. It is a very feminine watch and also has garnet gemstone. Beautiful.

Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewelry
Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewelry


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