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Steve Madden Boots, Booties Reviews: Leather, Suede; Women's, Men's; OTK, Laced, Cuffed, Fur, Riding

Updated on March 18, 2011

Steve Madden Winter&Autumn

With over a hundred designs boots and booties comprise Steve Madden largest shoes department. Ladies' segment by far outmatches gents' in variety of collections, men's category usually focusing on low-cut and laced aggressive military&cowboy type models – with some rare moccasin, loafer, slip-on, and zipper variations.

Steve Madden's eclectic approach and unreserved attraction to experimentation with materials, texture, and colors allow the brand to establish the boots selection as one of its most deep, versatile, and eventually popular. Practically all familiar modes of designs – over-the-knee, mid-calf, studded, laced, slouched, zipper, heel, flat, leather, suede, synthetic – appear on the inventory list; fashion and appearance go hand in hand with the quintessential property every pair of tall boots must have: protection from rain.


Depending on the collection, a pair of boots will suit a dress (including high-fashion and party), casual, or corporate-casual (formal or semi-formal wear) occasion. High-heels, when combined with soft leather, suede, and their synthetic imitation present a classy elegant architecture necessary in a serious business work environment.

The more relaxed Cuban heel or flat sole designs, many of them ankle or mid-calf, provide the desired climate protection without sacrificing comfort for style. Let's take a closer look at some of the collections on offer:

Steve Madden Suede Boots
Steve Madden Suede Boots



  • Flat heel collections include such models as Tsunamii, Bonanza, Candence, Catepult, Linderr, Rebelion, Sabra, Haviland, Olster, Omegaa, and others. Arriving in black, brown, light brown, and gray colors, these shoes employ leather in different finishes, complimented by laced, zipper, strapped or slouched detail.

  • Rider and Cowboy (cowgirl) boots display a more specific, familiar build with the iconic and leather OTK protection (in some lines), and either elaborate button, strapped, or simple slip-on layout. Marisaa, Brackett, Asher, Ropper, Laarzen, Lonestar, Phinixx, Tristen, Koffie, Sannaa, and other collections.

  • Booties, on heels or wedges deploy most of the elements apparent in taller shoes, fitting them for a lower pattern that accentuates the elegant streak. The majority of Steve Madden shearling type footwear also falls into the booties category.


Most men's boots opt for a strong military look (essentially a unisex design that in many occasions can be worn by women with powerful effect): laced, based on a rigid frame, and sitting on thick sole.

A relatively limited range of colors (earthy blacks and browns, sometimes almost intentionally parading a “dirty” look) contributes to the rugged aesthetic of this Steve Madden selection.


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