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Steve Madden Platforms&Wedges, Clogs Shoes Review: Leather, Suede, Synthetic; Dress, Casual, Corporate

Updated on March 18, 2011

Steve Madden Platforms

In many ways, platforms and wedges form a transitional category in Steve Maddens shoes selection: boots&booties, pumps&heels, and even sandals departments offer models that stand on a platform, and thus overlap with the platform design.

Moreover, as a result of this universality, footwear from this segment can suit a range of occasions – dress, casual, corporate – and seasons, including a rainy winter (in particular the warm shearling booties) and a hot summer (sandals, slip-ons, and even clogs).

Design also becomes subject to modification and experimentation. Quite a few collections arrive in laced mode while retaining a complimentary sling; some lines opt for a more enclosed slip-on architecture, or conversely, a leisurely strapped layout. As in the majority of Steve Madden shoes, leather in all its kinds and suede become the primary materials, various fabrics and synthetics also contributing to the inventory.

Finally, while several fashion and chic models can feature a bright pink, purple, or vermeil color, most of the shoes display a relatively conservative palette – black, light and dark brown, neutrals (off-white, peach, beige), gray, and other calm shades. Let's take a closer look:

Steve Madden Espadrille Wedges
Steve Madden Espadrille Wedges


  • Heels and Pumps constitute the highest standing items Steve Madden offer, some heels rising over five inches, being combined with an inch platform to support the toe. Here, however, platforms are only secondary to the overall aesthetic; it is the clogs and the sandals that give the elevation more space to leave a unique mark. Kattrina, Bevv, Staciee, Fantasha, Elevaate, and other collections.

  • Booties and Sandals provide a respectively closed and open structure to rest on the platform. Without a heel, the latter essentially transforms into a wedge – this is how the brand describes some of their platform category shoes as well – a more stable and casual oriented, yet still notably high footwear. Snobbie, Zephyrr, Zinah, Vinitta, Ronson, Harmonyy, Nanciee, Caameo, Chelseey, A-Eliska, A-Rumer, and other lines.

  • Wedges can be some of Steve Madden's most curious and interesting designs, blending elements borrowed from other patterns, and mixing them into unexpected, sophisticated, and even ironic wholes that comprise more than the sum of their components. This section (Monarchy, Wiicked, Monsterr, Narri, Tyrella, Warrick, and more) proves the company's appreciation for creativity and fashion – and serves to bolster the brand's enduring popularity.


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