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Steve Madden Sandals, Flats Shoes Review: Gladiator, Slippers, Thong; Leather, Suede, Fabric, Other

Updated on January 15, 2015

Steve Madden Sandals

Steve Madden sandals and flats department – which includes ballets, low-heel dress shoes, slippers, wedges, and other slip-on designed shoes – offers over a hundred different collections, some of which overlap with the brand's heel&pumps, and even boots&booties categories.

The definitive feature of this segment is the low and light cut that renders the footwear a classic summer wear, even the most conservative, close-toe variations revealing clear warm weather associated characteristics: allowing the air to flow, the foot to breathe, and the wearer to enjoy the occasion.


Steve Madden makes several types of sandals, including gladiator, strapped, thongs and slippers. It is the many variations that combine elements of one category with another that make some of the selection items particularly interesting – and truly original in this fiercely competitive and unforgiving industry. A comparison with sandals by such designer brands as Cole Haan and Christian Louboutin supports this Steve Madden quality.

Elevated sandals include wedges, various slings (which overlap with the heels&pumps), and ankle straps. What the flats and ballets concede in height, they reimburse with intricate ornament and detail on the toes – either of textural sort, where the leather (or the synthetic) is forced to create three-dimensional patterns, or by deploying complimentary studs, zippers, crystals bows, and other accents. Let's take a closer look:

Steve Madden Sandal Wedges
Steve Madden Sandal Wedges



  • Slippers aim for maximum simplicity, often reducing the architecture to a sole and a ultra-light strapped upper, practically revealing the entire foot. Collections include Sercus, Revolvve, Saffarii, Sannibel, Razzzle, Costaa, Bride, Sliderr, Serenite, and others. Several models incorporate an ankle strap.

  • Gladiators, the ultimate sandal design will introduce colored materials, studs, and even glitter elements besides more elegant, reserved models. This section often displays complex leather weaves, proving that flat shoes can also be sophisticated. Simmple, Boundd, Banglez, Paiigge, Krosby, Chakkra, and other lines.

  • Wedges and Heels offer height for ladies who will not give up their platforms and elevation, yet wish to enjoy the comfort a light summer shoe can provide. While some of the collections draw inspiration directly from the booties and pumps, other stay closer to the sandals in terms of fashion conception. Adriann, Rego, Fraid, Glistenn, Keeton, Averry, Zinah, Tiedown, Riesling, and others.


  • Ballets comprise the largest flats category, most shoes exhibiting classic, even iconic architecture with a super low heel and calm, boat-shaped contours that may conceal the fact that it often serves dancers, performers who work very hard to achieve competence. Lots of colors, glitter and gloss – but also neutral, reserved designs. Kingslee, Karmma, Kobbe, Nitasha, Nyytro, Kracklee, Sofieee, Binngo, Caiiro, and more.

  • Sports flats either replicate a universal trainers layout, or opt, especially in men's gear, for an Oxford type of shoe, anticipating Steve Madden's men's footwear. Billiee, Melin, Trackur, Transprt, and other collections.


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