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Steve Madden Shoes Review: Boots, Booties, Pumps, Heels, Sandals, Wedges, Platforms, Flats, Clogs

Updated on January 15, 2015

Steve Madden Shoes

Steve Madden shoes, handbags, and accessories brand effectively combines a youthful, glittering image with a corporate attitude, rendering the latter fresh, young, and attractive – despite the fashionably negative viewpoints associated with this quintessential contemporary culture.

Overall, the range of products Steve Madden offers is broad enough to accommodate playful&fun designs (suitable for teens and young adults) besides formal business ones (fit for a more seasoned clientèle), all without one segment compromising the other. It's a versatile and resilient American brand that has rightfully been described a success in the fiercely competitive shoes industry for over twenty years.


While boots and booties comprise one of the brands strongest departments – including over-the-knee, mid-calf, laced, fur-outfitted, cuffed, and other types of tall shoes – the heels&pumps, wedges&platforms, and the leisurely sandals&flats sections all offer over a hundred designs, combined providing a versatile selection.

Steve Madden also make handbags (totes, purses, clutches, over-the-shoulder carryalls, satchels, hobos), and complimenting accessories and apparel: jewelry, belts, legwear, and dresses, made from leather and fabrics. Sunglasses and and bedding conclude the assortment.


Some of the most popular collections are: (A) Jolene and Yasmin, Adorra, Ashleey, Biing, Blaiirr, Bradleey, Calah, Caddett, Cameronn, Classyy, Colle, Diligent, Freewway, Inddigo, Irena, Kippen, Laarzen, Madalina, Narri, Partial, Pasport, Pyrines, Selden, Tristen, and many others.


There are several stylistic features that recur in all Steve Madden shoes, consistently throughout many seasons, either in a pure or more subdued, combined manner. Some of the most prominent aesthetic traits include:

  • Eclectitc, youthful, and casual-friendly design that effortlessly experiments with new cuts and contours, presenting soft, rigid, tall, short, open, enclosed, open toe, closed toe, ornamented, corporate, and many other layouts. Liberal approach to color in the more high-fashion pumps and heels department cements this particular characteristic.

  • Intricate weaves and strapped textures, materials-based ornaments (leather bows, straps and tassels, fur lining), and complex tactile compositions offset the visual qualities, creating a complete sensuous experience around the foot. Sandals and slippers especially benefit from this unique property, often presenting strikingly original styling.

  • Two-tone palette, usually the color of the upper complimenting the outsole – but occasionally this scheme reverses. Steve Madden mix colors more readily than such brands as Cole Haan, for instance, exploiting the colors for curious and sometimes unpredictable visual effects. The flats and the pumps in particular enjoy the variety allowed by this feature.


  • Boots&Booties comprise the brand's largest department, containing well over a hundred of leather and suede made shoes standing on flat, heel, or wedge soles. Though not as playful as pumps or sandals in terms of color – most boots arrive in a single tone design – straps, metallic buckles, and interesting irregular or glossy, light-reflecting textures provide the necessary aesthetic appeal. Men's and women's.

  • Pumps&Heels constitute arguably Steven Madden's sexiest footwear: over five inches high in some models, these shoes come in bright yellows, reds, blues, peach, black, purple, and other tones. Glitter, lacy, leopard and other unorthodox ornaments lend the product a touch of party fun and abandon. Includes slings, open-toe, closed-toe, and other variations.

  • Wedges&Platforms: a classic slip-on architecture stands as a stage between the pumps and the sandals – not quite formal and strictly fashion as the former, not as yet leisurely and relaxed as the latter. Still, comfort plays an important part in the layout, giving the feet a much needed rest during the day.

  • Sandals&Flats category addresses summer footwear needs and tastes, some of the items trending toward fashion, other toward function. Flats in particular emulate several of Cole Haan ballets collections; wedge sandals blend classic gladiator and strap elements in fresh, original designs. Men's flat shoes offer loafers, moccasins, and sneakers.


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