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Stop Acne Now!

Updated on December 8, 2013


Acne, it effects people of all races and ages, across the world. Acne is not just a difficulty that only teenagers face. Acne is often embarrassing for those who can not seem to get rid of it. If you, or a loved one have acne and want to see progress in your efforts to regulate it. There are a couple simple and basic steps you can take to help you in your quest of perfect skin.

If you have acne issues, the first thing you need is a little bit of patience, and a little bit of time. The are a lot of skin care and Acne treatments out there, and not everyone will react the same to any given product. The first thing you need to do, is be honest with yourself and evaluate your life style, and your habits, and try to determine what the root cause of your Acne could be. If you understand the root cause of your Acne, you will be able to eliminate it that much quicker.

The dirt on acne;

Believe it or not, dirt has almost nothing to do with acne breakouts. Acne is a result of infections and bacteria inside of your pores. What happens on the outside layer of your face or affected area, doesn't make much of a difference. Over-Washing of your skin can also irritate your skin, and you can end up spreading your acne even further across your affected areas. Do NOT pick at your skin if you have Acne. Popping or picking at pimples can lead to spreading of the bacteria built up inside of your pores. Thus causing even more unwanted acne, and blemishes. Popping and picking can also cause scars!

One VERY important thing to do to help eliminate your Acne, is to start making sure you aren't scratching the acne or irritating the affected area of the skin. This is by far one of the most important, and yet simple things you can possible do to prevent more acne, and preventing your acne from spreading. Scratching skin irritates and inflames the skin, and the bacteria from under your fingernails can cause a whole new wave of acne to appear and all of your hard work to go to waste.


Stress and anxiety are huge factors when it comes to acne. So keeping calm throughout the day will really make a difference. Stress can cause your body to form various chemicals which in turn cause Acne, and increase the amount of oils found in your skin, which will cause even more Acne.


Exposing your skin to sunlight can help get rid of your unwanted Acne. Skin that is consistently exposed to sunlight will dry out and darken. Allowing your current Acne to dissipate, as well as the redness to blend into your now-darkening skin due to your sun tan. It is important to note that your skin might look worse at first, because of the oil escaping to the surface, but this shouldn't last long and once your skin is dry, you will not see as many breakouts.

Cell Phones

Believe it or not, Acne can be caused by talking too much on your cellphone. Cell phones are notorious for picking up and holding onto the oils from your skin, hair and face. Once your phone is applied to your face, it will deposit them back into your pores. Keeping your phone clean by wiping it with an alcohol wipe or soft absorbent material can help to eliminate this.


One easy, but admittedly sometimes annoying way to eliminate your Acne, is to sleep on a fresh, clean pillowcase every night. It can be a pain, but consider the reasoning behind it for a moment or two. If you reuse the same pillow case, over and over every night, you are sleeping in your own oil and dirt from the previous night. Avoid this by cleaning your pillow cases on a regular basis, and placing a clean case onto your pillow every night.

Do NOT mix different Acne medications. People often think that mixing different topical applications together will create a stronger and more potent acne medicine and make their Acne disappear faster. This is not the case at all, Mixing different Acne medicines together can cause your skin to get extremely irritated, and make your Acne much worse!

House Hold Remedy

A common household remedy made up of cinnamon and honey can give you an advantage on Acne. Combine the cinnamon with honey to create a paste, and gently apply it to your affected areas. Cinnamon is a natural antiseptic, and honey is a natural antibiotic, together these two work in harmony and can relieve a breakout. Take into consideration, that not everyone's Acne can be cured with home remedies.

Adding nuts to your diet, such as almonds, can not only help with weight and over all health of your body, but can also help your acne dissipate. Nuts contain crucial oils and fatty acids that will help your Acne and your skin repair itself.

Lime juices and oils are exceptionally beneficial to the skin. Lime juice, consumed orally, or lime oil, applied topically, rejuvenate skin. Limes keep the human skin healthy, and shiny, not only does it help fight infections, lime juice also helps fight body-odor due to its high content of vitamin-C and flavanoids. Limes are full of anti-oxidants, anti-biotic, and disinfectants (Which means limes also help with acne!) Limes and its juices are also known to help eliminate bruises, cure dandruff, and also clean your skin due to its acidic contents, breaking down the old and dead skin cells.

Limes promote and almost endless benefit to over all health of your body, and an entire article can be found on these little green super fruits Here!

Another unconventional cure, Vinegar. Numerous people who suffer from Acne breakouts on a constant basis, recommend this treatment. Make a topical-type formula by mixing water and vinegar together, and apply it to your face after your normal cleaning routine. The acid in the vinegar will start to destroy the bacteria inside your pores, thus helping to eliminate your acne!

If you are in need of a way to limit the size or color of your Acne, you can try this simple trick as well; Ice. Placing an ice-cube over a larger or more red acne breakout can cause the inflammation in your skin to subside, due to the cooling effects brought on by the ice itself. Do this every night before bed, and you can help reduce the size and notice-ability of Acne.

If it seems as you have tried everything under the sun, including the sun itself, and your Acne is still not going away. Try more natural facial products. The natural ingredients in these products can sometimes be much more beneficial to those with Acne that never wants to go away. Chemicals and complex mixtures inside Acne medicines can cause some peoples' skin to become even more irritated and become worse. Natural products will help your skin heal due to the ingredients that they contain, and will sooth your skin while providing a natural antibacterial to help eliminate your Acne.

Although it is very temping to squeeze the pimples, for health reasons alone it is not best to do so. Simply make sure you use an ointment or another type of topical solution. When you pop or squeeze your pimples, you increase the risk of your acne infections spreading and forming scars, which can take a long time to disappear, and in some cases never disappear.


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    • profile image

      Lorie 8 months ago

      I like the jacket

    • Mackinreviews profile image

      Ty 3 years ago from Las Vegas

      @Raine Law Yuen : No worries at all!

    • Raine Law Yuen profile image

      Raine Law Yuen 3 years ago from Cape Town

      Thanks for the advice. I'm going to try this on my teenage son.

    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 4 years ago from United States

      I used to suffer from acne so much when I was a teenager. I had topical and oral treatments prescribed by a dermatologist and they only ever helped a little. I still get breakouts sometimes - stress is a thing - so thanks for the tips! I love almonds so maybe I will start eating more of those. I currently use a face wash in the morning and acne pads at night and they do seem to help.