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Stop Botox Injections - Reasons for using deep anti aging creams

Updated on February 8, 2014

Millions of women are convinced that botox and face lift procedures are the speediest and most effective techniques for getting rid of wrinkles & signs of age. Well, simply saying, they are confused and mistaken -- majorly because deep anti aging creams are actually way more effective than these botox & face lifts; AND, in most cases, it works quicker too! And just in case those two startling pieces of information aren't sufficient to change your mind, here are 3 more to finish the task.

3 Plain as Day Reasons Deep Wrinkle Cream Are The Best Method...

1. Absolutely No Risks: We all know there are some risks attached to cosmetic surgery. Of course, the problem is many of us dismiss these things because we're all told those risks are quite minimal and that the doctor is a professional, and blabbity-blab-blab. You need to recognize risks are risks, and the person performing the procedure is still human, which means he/she is not exempt from making mistakes or IMMENSE screw ups. Do you seriously want to risk long term damage just to look a few years younger? Picture what could go wrong during a face lift, an eye lift, laser skin resurfacing, a chemical peel, or even a botox injection (it's a poison).. Now think of the risks associated with utilizing a high quality deep wrinkle cream -- it should not take you long, as there are NONE WHATSOEVER!

2. More Affordable: Can you think of a time when you needed to drop a few thousand dollars on a skincare creme? Has anti aging cream ever cost that much? The answer, NO! Face lifts and botox injections may cost you thousands of dollars while the use of a anti aging creme can cost you but a small fraction of that per year! Combine that knowledge with the fact that you need more than 1 botox treatment or face lift (each year) to keep wrinkle-free skin, and you have one one immensely yearly expenditure. Same benefits, but treatment one costs more than the other. Which option will the wise individual pick?

3. Longer Lasting Effects: Botox injections and face lifts are in no way eternal. They will not make your skin wrinkle free forever, nor can they protect your face from skin damage caused by the sun, poor eating habits, smoking, and of course the process of aging. However, as long as you continue using a deep anti aging cream, the wrinkles will stay at bay and your skin will keep looking gorgeous and noticeably decades younger.


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    • magnoliazz profile image

      magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      I wish there was a way to vote this up with more than just a thumbs up!

      My cousin recently had thousands of dollars of plastic surgery done and she looks like a freak. For some reason all these women kind of look alike after these surgeries and botox. They don't look better, they look different.

      Then there is the matter of how much this all costs. I think it is IMMORAL to spend money like this just for the sake of vanity. I think of all the starving people and animals in the world, then I think of these silly women, it makes me ill.

      You are right, creams do work, as does staying out of the sun and no smoking and drinking and sleeping with your head elevated.

      The worst part of this entire thing is after all that money spent, within just a few short years they look worse than if they never had the surgery to begin with.

      Thanks for a great hub, now if only the right people read it and heed the message.

    • ktowers profile image

      Kate 6 years ago from England

      yep too many women and men turn to boto, i myself will stick to creams ;)

    • daravuthz profile image

      daravuthz 6 years ago from Cambodia

      Thanks for sharing informative material. It is interesting. All the best and wish you good luck. :)