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Here Is What To Do If You Are Experiencing Some Thinning Hair Issues

Updated on December 6, 2011

Ashwagandha and Thinning hair

The first thing you want to do if you find yourself losing hair is to do the following

First get some Ashwagandha. You will want to take some 400 mcg of this stuff. It is an immune booster and will stop the cause of your thinning hair internally. Next get some Ashwagandha a, about 15 grams and mash it up and mix with sugar. This recipe is an immune booster and will help stop thinning hair

Next you will wan t to take a good multivitamin pill. These are good but you will also ant to preferably take some prenatal vitamins which is a vitamin supplement meant for boosting the health of your hair, skin tone and also finger nails as well as toenails. Most of these still have all of your nourishment that you need to help grow hair

Take amla powder and apply on your hair. If you can’t find the time use Mira hair oil as it does have amla in the right amounts, amla is a herb that has vitamin C which helps with hair issues

Take a few steps to ensure you get about 30 grams of protein a day. Protein will help build new hair follicles. You can take a protein shake or get your protein with protein-enriched foods to make certain you get the requirements you need. If you use foods be sure to take at least 3 meals a day with some protein in it

There is a powerful herb that will not only make hair grow, it actually multiples the number of hair follicles, it is called Asia sari radix and there is only one product I know that carries it in the right amounts , it is called Aradix made by a company called Mira herbals . get some and use it to help grow hair

Use mayo to moisturize your hair. That is right use mayonnaise. This is one of the best ways to moisturize your hair. If you are hair is about shoulder length you will want to use one egg. You will want to mix this egg with some mayo and beat until smooth and then use as a paste on your hair. Then you will want to use a blow dryer or hot towel in order to help grow hair out faster. When done make sure ton rinse your hair well using a mild hair growth shampoo like Mira herbal hibiscus gro shampoo

Make sure the Ph of your water is between 4.5 to 5 as this ensures your hair is not brittle and wont break. Your shampoo should also be within this range of ph

Finally you will want to use a scalp massage in combination with Miura hair oil. The scalp massage help the Mira hair oil penetrate the scalp which in turn allow the herbs in the oil to stop thinning hair and boost hair growth

And there you have it ,remember to stop hair loss and regrow hair all you want to do is make use of these powerful hair growing tips and it will stop the loss of hair in no time

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