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Straw Hats for Women

Updated on May 20, 2013
Wide brimmed sun hat.
Wide brimmed sun hat. | Source

With their breezy, fresh style and vacation-esque vibe, straw hats are a must-have fashion accessory for spring and summer. Perfect for picnics, weekend excursions or holidays overseas, straw hats can make any warm weather outfit complete.

An awesome selection of styles are now available in straw hats for women - from bohemian chic to rugged adventurer to hipster vintage. These raffia toppers will not only amp up your stylish factor today, but can also help keep your skin looking beautiful longer by protecting you from the sun's rays.

Here are the top straw hat styles to watch for this season:

Wide Brimmed Sun Hats

Vintage, romantic and feminine, wide brimmed sun hats whisper of picnics from yesteryears when poems and robins and laughter were always invited. Pair floppy sun hats (also called shade hats or garden hats) with flowing florals, long maxi dresses or bohemian beach wear for a stylish ensemble. Look for sun hats with flirtatious stripes or other patterns for extra flair.

Straw Fedoras

A fresh variation of the 1920s classic, straw fedoras ooze style. These menswear pieces are no longer for men only, with many options made specially for women. Straw fedoras give a girl a touch of cute, boyish charm, pairing nicely with a tee, shorts, strappy sandals and long, hip necklaces. Pick a fedora with small feather accents or a fabric trimmed rim for added style.

Hipster vintage fedora.
Hipster vintage fedora. | Source
Women's black trimmed straw fedora.
Women's black trimmed straw fedora. | Source

Tricks to keep your hat in shape:

  • Water can cause straw to shrink, so keep your hat high and dry.
  • Use steam to get the kinks out of crushed hats.
  • Clean dust and dirt out of your hat frequently with a soft hat brush or paint brush.
  • Store your hat on a large coffee can to help it keep its shape.

Straw Bowler Hats

Bowler hats are another 1920s classic that is popular again today. Straw bowler hats have the same rounded crown and short, upturned rim as their felt counterparts. Hipster-chic and a little eccentric, straw bowlers are perfect for girls with unique, trendy underground style.

Straw Cowboy Hats

Straw cowboy (or cowgirl) hats are a slightly more rugged warm weather essential. With an air of adventure, exploration and spirit, straw cowboy hats are as irresistible as a girl wearing one. Try wearing one with a loose fitted tank top next time you hit the beach for a look that says, "Let's have some fun!"

Straw Ball Caps

The newest trend in straw hats is the raffia ball cap, a baseball cap cop-off made fully of straw. These sporty hats will slowly gain traction this season, showing up everywhere by fall. Color dyed stripes and fabric trimmed rims will give these straw ball caps cheerful charm. Paired with bright summer shorts or wide leg, high waisted jeans, straw ball caps will guarantee a fashion home run.

Women's straw fedora.
Women's straw fedora. | Source

How to avoid hat hair:

While hats are a fashionable accessory for summer, hat hair definitely is not. Avoiding those dreaded flat locks is easier than you might think.

Let your hair dry fully before starting (this will also protect your hat from water damage). Then simply comb your hair back with your fingers making sure there is no part before putting on your hat!

Take It Up a Notch

As with all things in fashion, selecting the perfect straw hat is all about the details. Look for hats with beaded or braided bands, unique patterns and neon colors woven in. Small tassels, feather pins and fabric knots add a modern touch and can take a hat from nice to seriously awesome. Color patterns and weaving variations will not only add interest, but will make the hat more uniquely your own. Straw hats are not for the fashionably bashful, so if you have the bravery to give one a go, pick one that leaves a lasting impression!

Women's straw sun hat.
Women's straw sun hat. | Source
Stitch detailed raffia fedora.
Stitch detailed raffia fedora. | Source


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    • Bedbugabscond profile image

      Melody Trent 4 years ago from United States

      I am in the market for a straw hat similar to the one in the first picture. I used to have one, but it is long gone. I don't know why the local shops are not carrying them.

    • Tonipet profile image

      Tonette Fornillos 4 years ago from The City of Generals

      I loved this! Straw hats can give a warm style that's airy, cool, cheerful and simply summer. It's elegant. Thank you for these ideas, Faith. Have a great week ahead. :=)-Tonette

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      These straw hats do look stylish. The plain ones look nice too but the colorful ones look even better. Straw hats are especially useful in summer and it even looks fashionable.

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Straw hats are very stylish and useful.