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Street Wear Clothing for 2011

Updated on May 11, 2011
Shirts are always a good addition to your wardrobe, they complete your casual look maintaining a smart overall image. They can be worn undone to reveal your band t-shirts.
Shirts are always a good addition to your wardrobe, they complete your casual look maintaining a smart overall image. They can be worn undone to reveal your band t-shirts.

One of my favourite feelings when I have money is to try to fill my wardrobe with as many decent items of clothing as I can, you can never have enough clothes, unless you are rich and buy out all the expensive items whilst owning a closet just for your shoes. In my opinion, harsh as it may be but 'Image is everything', we live in a world we we are constantly being judged by our appearances, it shouldn't be this way but it is. Whether you are going for an interview, eating out at a fancy restaurant or trying to impress the opposite sex at a nightclub, you want to look smart and express your individuality.

Shoes and other items of clothing don't last forever, trainers get scuffed, t-shirts fade, and jeans get torn. I personally have one of those hanging 'collapsable' fabric shelving utilities which I like to fill with pairs of sneakers and daps, I can then alternate between them, keeping each pair relatively clean for when I next want them. In this article, I am going to display a few items which will keep your closet full for relatively cheap but will also show to your friends that you have style and are hip.

Joker Brand
Joker Brand
Dilated Peoples
Dilated Peoples

I am going to start by giving you some examples of t-shirts which are popular amongst young people and subcultures at present, this are easy to buy online or for cheap deals you could try eBay. Above I have discovered that rap groups such as Dilated Peoples(latter photo) like to wear t-shirts and apparel by 'Joker Brand', this can be seen modelled by Iriscience on the right-hand side of the photograph. I like the simple black and white iconography using the baldheaded man with the swirly patterns of the serpents.

Red Dragon Apparel Logo
Red Dragon Apparel Logo
Prevail from Swollen Members wearing Red Dragon T-shirt
Prevail from Swollen Members wearing Red Dragon T-shirt

Another label worn by hip-hop artists is 'Red Dragon Apparel', which is a very popular amongst the group 'Swollen Members'. Above we can see Swollen Members rapper 'Prevail' sporting a RDS t-shirt, it is also very popular amongst skateboarders and I did see one example of a t-shirt by them which used the 'A Clockwork Orange' character 'Alex' holding the logo but didn't include this photo because I have been a little worried recently about copyrighted images.

Deftones T-shirt
Deftones T-shirt
Deftones T-shirt 2 and Deftones Lighter
Deftones T-shirt 2 and Deftones Lighter

Band t-shirts are very popular at the moment, and even when the particular band is not so popular you can still wear it with pride and be perceived as stylish. Some high street shops such as Blue Banana(UK) and Hot Topic(U.S) specialise in alternative clothing, yet I still find this a little mainstream. My friends tend to pick their band t-shirts up at concerts or gigs, I however usually buy mine online at eBay for bargains or sometimes HMV music shop where Ive bought a Led Zeppelin and Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt

Above we have a lovely young girl modeling a female version of a Deftones T-shirt from the 'White Pony' album, we can also see she has a Deftones 'White Pony' cigarette lighter which is stylish..

Smashing Pumpkins T-shirt
Smashing Pumpkins T-shirt
Soundgarden band T-shirt
Soundgarden band T-shirt

Continuing on the theme of Rock band t-shirts I have included 2 more of my favourite bands which are fairly popular, Soundgraden having recently reformed to headline a major U.K music festival 'Download' during 2010. The first t-shirt I have included is from the most recent Smashing Pumpkins album 'Zeitgeist' and include imagery created by contemporary artist Shepard Fairey. The second is a rather colourful yet alternative "soundgraden' tour t-shirt and can be found on eBay, Soundgarden have been around since the early 80's and pioneered the rock and grunge scene.

A funky variety of jeans
A funky variety of jeans
whats with skinny jeans?
whats with skinny jeans?


We all know jeans are the most popular casual pair of pants for wearing out, they are tough and can be relatively smart in appearance providing you chose a quality pair which are well fitted. They come in a variety of colours including black,brown,stone wash,navy, medium navy and pale blue to even red & white. Styles can be skinny fit, flared, straight leg and baggy/shoe fit, with a various arrangement of pockets available, I own a pair which have button pockets on the front which gives a unique twist to a man's style. What seems popular amongst many youth rock cults is the tightened fitted pair on men and women, I can't see why a guy would want to wear these being uncomfortable on the crotch area. I prefer a loose fitted but tidy pair, usually in a subtle colour.


To conclude my article about smart casual dress, I have included some of my favourite type of shoes to wear, I haven't included boots because I wear boots all day at work so I wouldn't want to wear them outside of work.

One of the best brands of sneaker/skater shoes is 'Vans', they aren't extreme in design from what I'm accustomed with and they are relatively economic when bought from the right shops. In Britain we have retail outlets such as 'McCarther Glen' and TKMaxx which sell clothing direct from the manufacturers which allows them to offer lower prices.Vans are comfortable and prevent your feet from sweating because they aren't heavy wearing, excluding long padded 'tongues' which some sports trainers include.

Sketchers are a similar design but also come in leather and include slightly smarter designs for more formal occasions. Don't forget that with leather shoes you can always use leather polish to bring their appearance up to scratch when they become worn and these shoes are often lace-less and can come with straps, making them easier to slip on or off.


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