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Stretch Mark Remedies - Fast and Effective Stretch Mark Removal Secrets

Updated on February 1, 2018

Fast Stretch Mark Removal Secrets

Jojoba Oil. Jojoba oil is actually a liquid that comes from the jojoba plant and the "wax" becomes an oil through processing but is good for many different skin conditions and one of them is stretch marks. You just rub a thin layer on once daily and leave on, but make sure you rub it in good before putting any clothing on so you don't lose any to clothing rubbing it off. Jojoba oil has many healing properties and it helps to soothe skin and treat inflammation, which ultimately leads to faster healing stretch marks and scars.

Coconut Oil. Many people love the different types of essential oils like coconut oil but they don't really understand why the oils work so well at healing scars. It's actually pretty simple, oils get down to the deeper layers of skin known as the "dermis," which is a deeper layer where scars usually start. The Epidermis is the top layer of skin, usually responsible for cuts and scrapes and the dermis is in the second and third layers of skin, which are not always, but usually the start of where the scar is and most moisturizers just don't soak that deep into the skin, which makes coconut oil and others extremely popular when it comes to the skin.

Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a type of plant known for it's soothing and healing properties when it comes to the skin. It boost skin cell turnover and heals skin quicker than normal methods, but has to be used on a consistent basis.

Alcohol. Alcohol is just an example of how you can exfoliate the skin, but a good moisturizer will be needed afterwards. I like to use the baby wipes to heal stretch marks because they have both Alcohol and Aloe Vera, which help a lot when used as something gentle to exfoliate your skin and to get your skin routine started.

Zinc. Zinc is a very important mineral when it comes to the skin and it's healing process. Take a daily supplement with plenty of zinc and watch your scars slowly start to fade as the zinc is absorbed into your blood and starts doing it's "magic stuff." It may seem incredible but without zinc, your body will not heal properly, namely the skin. In fact, other than vitamin e, zinc is the most important vitamin when it comes to the healing of stretch marks.

Topical Zinc. As I mentioned above zinc is a very important mineral when it comes to the skin. There are topical preparations that have zinc in them. Stretch mark creams and ointments often have zinc as one of the active ingredients. You should definitely include one of these ointments in your daily routine and discontinue use only after you are happy with the results or some adverse side effect happens.

Almond Oil. Almonds have a ton of vitamin e, and as with other oils, they will soak deep into the 2nd and 3rd layers of skin, which is what's needed to heal your scars. Most scars, especially stretch marks are around the 2nd and 3rd layers of skin, which is why almond oil is a great remedy for stretch marks.

Lemon Juice. Lemon Juice is acidic and is great to exfoliate with. It's also a natural bleaching agent, which has some relevance to this particular subject.

Sugar. Exfoliate with sugar to start your daily skin routine. It's a very effective way to exfoliate, which is a very important step to your daily skin routine. I think a great remedy is to mix sugar and a small amount of lemon juice to exfoliate. One teaspoon of lemon juice for two teaspoons of sugar.

Stay Hydrated. Not only should you be drinking 8 glasses of water daily, but you should also understand that drinking regular water daily is even more important than using a daily moisturizer, which is crucial. Staying hydrated helps skin cell turnover and healthy organ function, which all together helps skin heal itself from stretch marks.

Use the right daily moisturizer. You will need to use a regular moisturizer daily and sense you aren't using it on your face most likely, typically a more sensitive part of the skin, you shouldn't have any problem using the thicker types of moisturizers for extra dry skin, that way your getting more of the essential nutrients and oils. I wouldn't recommend using it on any of the more sensitive parts of your body like your face.

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Foods that Heal Stretch Marks - Healing The skin From Within

Protein. Protein is essential for skin growth and a protein deficiency will cause scars not to heal or to heal very slowly.

Strawberries. Strawberries are great for the skin because they have stretch mark healing anti-oxidants.

Blueberries. Like strawberries, the blueberries have tremendous skin healing anti-oxidants, which help to heal the skin from within. It's also good for your kidneys, which will help with vitamin absorption.

Egg whites. Egg whites have essential proteins, used for skin healing and rebuilding. They also have Omega-3 fatty acid's which help with skin healing.

Tomatoes. Tomatoes are filled with antioxidants like vitamin c, which help to remove harmful toxins from your body and keep a lot of your organs functioning better, which helps your immune system.

Peppers. Peppers have vitamin c and other antioxidants, which helps your body overall, including your skin.

Broccoli. Broccoli increases blood flow and also helps immune function and boost cell turnover. You will notice a difference in your skin if you eat broccoli on a regular basis and even a difference in scarring and stretch marks over time. Broccoli is one of the best things you can eat for your skin.

Honey. Try to eat at least a spoon full of honey with either your cereal or other foods once daily.

Spinach. Spinach is among the many foods rich in vitamin e. It's also rich in many skin healing anti-oxidants.

Green leafy vegetables. Toxins are cleared from your system through the consumption of green leafy vegetables.

Cabbage. Your bowel is affected a lot by cabbage in a good way, and is directly related to your skin because toxins that are held in your bowel end up coming out your pores and causing acne.

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Main Causes Of Stretch Marks

Dieting. Extreme weight fluctuations, including weight loss can cause stretch marks, so it's important to get weighed and pay attention to your body changes.

Weight Gain. You can Gain weight for many reasons but if you notice that your weight is fluctuating, you may want to get your health checked out.

Muscle building. A lot of body builders experience this issue and even again after they stop working out and lose that muscle.

Genetic disorders. You can have certain genetic disorders, which can affect your weight and skin and cause stretch marks, it's important to get yourself checked out if you have sudden changes in appetite or you notice stretch marks are appearing for no reason.

Hormone changes. You can experience hormone changes for many reasons. Puberty, pregnancy, menapause and many others can cause hormone changes, which can cause stretch marks to appear.

Steroid Creams. Many types of Steroid Creams can cause Stretch marks, so pay attention to what types of creams you put on your skin and research them to see if they cause stretch marks.

Diseases or health conditions. Problems caused from health issues can cause stretch marks. Diseases like Cushing's syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and other Adrenal

Pregnancy. The main cause of stretch marks is Pregnancy and not taking preventative measures during your pregnancy to apply the right moisturizer and taking good care of your skin during pregnancy.

Preventing Stretch Marks

Jojoba Oil during pregnancy. If you use Jojoba oil all throughout your pregnancy and use it consistently, you shouldn't have to worry about stretch marks. This powerful oil as I discussed earlier has tremendous healing and prevention powers when it comes to stretch marks and scars.

Coconut oil during pregnancy. As I mentioned earlier, Coconut oil is another oil that helps soothe and protect the skin, it also heals the skin by boosting cellular turnover. All of these things combined help to reduce the appearance of scars and prevent stretch marks from appearing all together.

Honey Used Topically During Pregnancy. Rub a little Honey on your tummy every night and rub it in good consistently and you should prevent stretch marks very effectively. When used all throughout your pregnancy, Honey will help to prevent stretch marks completely and possibly improve your skin all together.

Vitamin E capsules. When Applied topically vitamin e is very effective, particularly the capsules. You pop one or two open and put on the skin, I like to mix them with honey because the honey absorbs the vitamin e and soaks into the skin, otherwise the liquid rolls off the skin, or at least some will. They are still effective taken as supplements, but not quite as effective as when used topically.

Rosewater. When used with honey, coconut oil or other thick oils or moisturizers that can be "rubbed into" the skin, Rosewater can be a very effective remedy for stretch marks and preventative measure for stretch marks. To make "The Rosewater Remedy," you simply add 6 to 8 Red Rose Pedals to one cup of water and let soak until the mixture turns darker red, you will then swab on this mixture with a cotton ball or mix it with Jojoba oil, coconut oil or even honey to get the best results.

Cucumbers. When used during pregnancy Cucumber Juice mixed with Honey can be very effective. Cucumber juice is very thin, which is why you need a thicker substance like honey to mix with so it will be absorbed by the skin more easily, similar to "The Rosewater Remedy."

Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy. Make sure you drink 8 glasses of water daily to boost cell turnover and keep your skin hydrated during your pregnancy.

Get a Good Nights Sleep. Sleeping is very important to your overall health, but your skin is the largest and in this case the most important organ in your body, which means your sleep or lack of sleep will have a huge impact on not only your skins healing but your overall health by causing stress and stress leads to worse immune function.

Use a "thick" moisturizer. Normally you would use a "light moisturizer" on your face or more delicate parts of your body, but this is your stomach and you will need a thick moisturizer with a lot of oils anyway to prevent stretch marks so make sure you go to the pharmacy and get the most effective moisturizer you can find, possibly one for extremely dry skin, because one of the main reasons stretch marks occur is a lack of moisture.


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