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Stretch Mark Removal For New And Old Stretch Marks - The Truth

Updated on March 18, 2011

Even though people like color pink, red and purple it is an entirely different story when those colors are on their skin. Unfortunately, stretch marks sooner or later may become your reality. And when that happens you are going to want to know what is the most efficient stretch mark removal. Usually they are related to women, especially with pregnancy, but is not rare for stretch marks to appear among the male part of the population. Stretch marks also known as striae can appear every time your body is experiencing fast changes, like losing or gaining a lot of weight or even adolescence. When you pinch a person`s skin, the skin changes back in its original shape and place which is how it is supposed to be because, or else visits to grandparents would be unbearable for the cheeks. But as stated before when skin experiences extreme changes, it does not bounce back. Why?

Because the dermis elasticity has its limits, and when the skin`s elastic fibers rupture you get stretch marks. When you first stretch marks appear they will be colorful and as the time passes they will fade. But that mottled texture will not. Which is why today there are multiple choices for you to choose among stretch mark removal techniques. The most common places for stretch marks to appear are stomach,thighs, hips, breasts, buttocks,lower back and close to the armpits. Before determining adequate stretch mark removal, you need to identify the cause of your stretch marks. Is it:

  • Extreme weight loss or weight gain
  • Pregnancy
  • Long usage of corticosteroids
  • Long usage of steroids
  • Growth spurts, especially during puberty
  • Significant rise in muscle mass (arms and legs particularly)
  • Rare genetic disorders (for example: Ehlers-Danlos or Marfan syndrome)

No one is really sure what causes the stretch marks, and why some people have them and others do not.  Fortunately, that did not stop them in developing a good stretch mark removal. Some experts believe that is has to do with the hormones in our body which are connected to the changes. If a close family member has stretch marks, that increases the chances of you having them. If they occur during your youth years, that is good news as they will probably vanish after puberty. If you have stretch marks and you are an adult, the good news is that they are harmless, will fade over time and there are plenty of stretch mark removal options available. In addition, there are little things you are able to do make them less severe and to prevent them. And this article is a good start.

Stretch Mark Removal

A) New Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark Removal No.1: As for the prevention goes, if you notice that you are have gained weight in considerably short period of time then it is recommended to react as soon as possible. As one of many stretch mark removal possibilities are creams and lotions.These work not only for the new but also for the older stretch marks. When deciding what cream to choose, go with the one that contains retinoid, for instance Tazorac, Differin, Renova, Retin-A.

For best results, mix retinoid cream along with a chemical peel and glycolic acid. Retinoid cream actually magnifies the creation of elastin and collagen within the skin. However, one important thing. If you are pregnant or just had a baby and is still nursing, do not use retinoids products. If your stretch marks are fairly new, more precisely if they are less than six weeks old, then apply a tretinoin cream as a stretch mark removal product. Tretinoin cream should also be avoided by pregnant women as the effects on the fetus are still unknown.

Stretch Mark Removal No.2: Another stretch mark removal tool for newer stretch marks is pulsed laser therapy which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin to improve the texture and minimize red and white stretch marks. A series of treatments are performed. Patients report that on a scale of 1 to 10, the pain of the procedure is at most a 3, depending on your pain threshold. There is a short recovery time and usually there is a little bruising and swelling for a couple of days.

B) Old Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark Removal No.1: If your stretch marks are old and extensive there are two approaches of stretch mark removal you can apply. The first one is microdermabrasion. This is a well-liked method among many patients because it is more effective than creams, but not as invasive as surgery. With this stretch mark removal technique there is no pain, no side effects, matches all skin types and is especially powerful against white stretch marks.

As soon as you finish microdermabrasion you can continue with your daily chores, there is no recovery process here. The whole process done by a professional such as dermatologist or at a spa takes about half an hour and usually around 12 treatments are required for best results. Between each treatment it has to pass 2 weeks. If microdermabrasion is done at home using a home kit you can apply it every 2-3 days so in about 2-3 months you should be able to see some real results.

Stretch Mark Removal No.2: The excimer lasers on the other hand do not have anything with increasing elastin and collagen unlike previous methods. This stretch mark removal tool triggers the production of melanin to even out the color. Meaning that it forces the stretch marks to take on the same color as the surrounding skin, and therefore the stretch marks are less noticeable. It generally takes about 10-20 excimer lasers treatments costing anywhere between $200-$700 per each treatment. The treatments have to be 2 weeks apart.

Stretch Mark Removal: Natural Remedies

First a small note regarding natural stretch mark removal methods. There are no scientific evidence data which prove the efficiency of these techniques. Some folks claim to have achieved results using natural ways of reducing stretch marks, and some claim little or no results.

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Moisturize using shea butter or coca butter – keeping your skin lubricated is always a good thing. Just check that you are not allergic to shea or cocoa butter first. Do this several times on a daily basis.
  • Other popular stretch mark removal natural remedies include – olive oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, castor oil, fruit acids, seaweed wraps and so on.

Remember, at least for now, there is no method and no successful complete stretch mark removal. But, you can use previously listed methods and get very close to that. You can reduce stretch marks and make them far less visible to the human eye.


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    • profile image

      paula 2 years ago

      Nice one i really like this cos i have been battling with stretch marks for long i think i hav gotten some ideals thanks

    • profile image

      Willow 4 years ago

      Try learning grammar and writing better. Your very first sentence, for instance, is a monstrosity as far as English is concerned.

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 7 years ago from Houston TX

      Wonderful article.yeah i really enjoyed this piece of work a lot because its quite educating and informative.Stretch marks is really turning into sickness or diseases to our young and old ladies.

    • Tina Kachan profile image

      Tina Kachan 7 years ago from Europe, Croatia

      You can ask your parent to lend you their credit card. The purchase process is very simple. If not, I listed some natural remedies that worked for some people, you can try that since you do not need a credit card in this case, you can find these products at any pharmacy.

      Good luck :)

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      r there any recipes that ACTUALLY work (without purchase)?im not trying to b rude but im 17 and can't even wear a bathing for goodness sake!!!!!All the products that i have looked up i need to buy wit a credit card and i don't have one =( im going swimming in march (manditory)plz plz plz times thousand help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!idk wat to do =(

    • Ms._Info profile image

      Ms._Info 7 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks for the tips. I have some pregnancy related stretch marks that I want to get rid of. I will definitely look into some of your suggestions.

    • awoodog profile image

      awoodog 7 years ago from B.C. Canada

      Awsome article you wrote here. I have had stretch marks for a good part of my life. I have gotten used to having them, but I will try some of your sujestions to try and minimalize their appearance. Thank you.