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Stretch mark removal- Tazorac- Stretch Mark Creams That Work!

Updated on April 7, 2017

Stretch Mark Creams That Actually Make A Difference

I have tried pretty much every stretch Mark Cream on the market looking for a solution for my stretch marks including Tazorac.

You see, I have stretch marks. A lot of them. In fact, I have so many stretch marks on my stomach that my obstetrician actually commented on them. An obstetrician that sees stretch marked stomachs all day long!

Some of my stretch marks are now almost 10 years old, some are a couple of years newer. What I had sadly come to realise is that they really, really aren't improving any more. When I first got my stretch marks they were bright, vivid scarlet. Then over time some of them faded to a pale silvery colour and some turned a purply colour.

These days you can't see them much in certain lights, but in other lights they look absolutely horrific. Because of this I am always searching for a way to get rid of them.

I got my stretch marks through having a baby, but there are many people that get them through weight gain or weight loss, through growing too quickly or a multitude of other reasons.

I have tried all manner of creams on them from Palmers to Oil of Olay. Some have worked better than others. One seems to be significantly better than many of the others I have tried.

Post Pregnancy Stretch Marks
Post Pregnancy Stretch Marks
The Stomach I dream of with no stretch marks!
The Stomach I dream of with no stretch marks!

Stretch Mark Removal- An Imperfect Cure

I don't want to fool anyone, my stretch marks are not completely gone. This isn't as far as I can tell a 100% cure. I think my stretch marks are 75% better after 3 months use and my dermatologist has told me that it is early days; they should still improve further with continued use.

Ah, yes. That is the other thing. You have to get the absolute best cream from a doctor or a dermatologist as it is prescription only. However, I didn't have any trouble at all getting it. My dermatologist actually sold it to me as a wrinkle cream- she just mentioned in passing that it does great things for stretch marks too. She hadn't even seen mine at that point, so I was happy that she mentioned it in passing. If you don't have a dermatologist you can buy creams over the counter that will do the same job but they are lower doses so may take longer or not work as well. There are creams that you can buy at pharmacies and beauty stores that contain the same active ingredients as the one she prescribed but they are at a lower strength so they might not be as effective or work as quickly.

The best cream I have found for stretch marks is named Tazorac (Zorac in some countries). Originally it was sold as an acne cream until people using it started to realise that it removed fine lines and wrinkles too. It was then only a minor leap for dermatologists to start using it as a stretch mark cream.

Stretch Mark Creams On Amazon Without Prescription

My Own Results on My Stretch Marks

I had seen a dermatologist before that had told me that there was no point in using anything on stretch marks as nothing would improve them. So when my latest dermatologist suggested Tazorac I have to confess that I was sceptical. She told me that it was a cream that was a retinoid like retin A. She also told me how it improved collagen levels in the skin so I thought it sounded like it might work. At the end of the day what sold it to me was that she gave me a months supply free as a sample to see if it suited my skin. When I then went back for a second time she sold me a 6 month supply for $30ish. Given that my normal moisturiser costs that much I was happy to try it.

As I was unsure as to whether it would work I put it only on one half of my stomach for the first few months. My stomach is pretty evenly stretched marked (or rather, was at the beginning) so I thought this would be a good control. Within the first month I could see that my skin was improving, so I bought a larger tube to continue. At the three month point it became very, very obvious that one side of my stomach is dramatically improved when compared to the other.

I would like to qualify this however and explain what I mean. The stretch marks on my stomach have three main characteristics. There are small white ones that look like tiny pale white lines on my skin. These are improved slightly, but not dramatically so. There are also purple streaks on my stomach. These are improved about 60% although one very stubborn large one still remains. The best improvement however has been the indentations. My stretch marks that run vertically on my stomach are deep. If I turn sideways to the mirror they look like dark purple indentations into my skin. These are DRAMATICALLY improved. I would say 80-90% better. Although my skin is not perfect there are no longer these indentations, that look so terrible in bright sunlight.

I have also discovered that a little make up can help to hide stretch marks that would otherwise be visible. The best coverage I have found is Dermablend that was recommended to me by a make up artist friend. It comes in a huge range of colors to match every skin type and is what is used to cover serious birthmarks, but it works wonders on stretch marks too.

In conclusion.

I can't promise you that this cream will work for you.. I'm also really sorry that it isn't something that I can just link to and you can buy now although you can obviously purchase a lower strength one above if you are prepared to try something that may take longer to work. .

If you do have stretch marks ask your GP as they may be happy to prescribe it for you. If not, over the counter retinoids such as those shown above may also work, but much more slowly. Obviously I cannot promise that this will work for you. All I can tell you is that of all the things that I have tried this is far and away the best. Whilst the skin on my stomach is not yet perfect it is so, so much better, enough so that I would now consider wearing a bikini where once the idea would have terrified me.

If you do get or currently use Tazorac on your stomach or know of any other creams that work please add your experience below in the comments section to help other readers! Thank you!

How Have You Cured Your Stretch Marks?

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    • profile image

      curiousccat 4 years ago

      May I know if you used the 0.05% or 0.1%? thx

    • profile image

      cjane1 5 years ago

      This stuff really works. I cried because I thought there was no help and finally found something. My doc told me to put little dots on the area that needed it then wet my hands and rubbed it in. I tried without the water because I thought it would work faster but all it did was burn my skin really bad. Anyway, don't give up on it , it really doesn't take long to notice results.

    • profile image

      Kris 6 years ago

      I work for a dermatologist and use it thr ee times a day till im raw then heal with aquaphor n repeat, will do this until completely gone. Works best if u get to them within 1st three mths

    • profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago

      I used Tazorac cream on my stretch marks on my thighs and it was AMAZING!! I am now 8 months pregnant and started to see them on my belly :( I am definitely going to go and get more Tazorac right after this pregnancy. The marks on my thighs are now just a very very light white and they almost don't bother me at all. I hope it does the same for my belly.

    • profile image

      Scar Removing Cream 6 years ago

      These new creams are amazing! Great hub!

    • profile image

      Ana 7 years ago

      Hi there. Today was my first day using tazorac on my stretch marks. I'm anxious and can't wait to see the results. I'll wait a couple of weeks and then check back with you to let you know how it worked for me. take care.

    • TheFont profile image

      TheFont 7 years ago from Australia

      Hi Ana,

      I use it once a day. I use a pea sized amount and rub it all over my stomach. Every now and then my skin goes a bit red and rough and irritated, but I then take a break until the irritation goes. My skin is definitely improving still and I am now using it on both halves. Good luck with it, I hope it works as well for you as me. Please let me know whether you also find it good. I think it took a few weeks to really see the difference.

    • profile image

      Ana 7 years ago

      I use tazorac for my acne and it works wonders for me. i also have stretch marks and I wanted to know how many times do you use it per day or per week to get the results that you did?