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Stuart Weitzman Boots&Booties Shoes Review: Mid-Calf, OTK, Platforms; Leather, Suede, Rubber, Other

Updated on March 18, 2011

Stuart Weitzman Boots

Stuart Weitzman boots and booties department essentially becomes a repository of the designer's ideas about fashion and footwear architecture. Almost all of the features we discussed in the introductory article appear in the boots enhanced: first, the use of various straps, laces, studs, buttons, and zippers (as a tool to wear the shoe, but also as a decorative element); second, overlapping layers of leather, fabrics, or synthetic materials (peaking in the quilted models); and third incorporating animal prints – arguably the most surprising characteristic in the boots, which usually tend to display single, or maximum two-tone color palettes, as such designers as Cole Haan, Steve Madden, and Christian Louboutin consistently demonstrate.

That said, more than several Stuart Weitzman collections opt for a monochrome casual-corporate appearance, outfitting the shoes with only an occasional strap, or platforms&heels. Summer oriented light, open booties overlap with the sandals and wedges sections, while the warmer, closed, suede and leather ones stand out as SW most reserved and formal items.


Leather and suede dominate the materials inventory, though the company has paid tribute to utility by working with rubber in weather boots, and to high fashion by stitching with lace for the special occasion evening booties. Let's take a closer look:

Stuart Weitzman Boots
Stuart Weitzman Boots


  • Over-the-knee models feature long shafts rising on either flat or heeled soles. Slip-on rider boots carry the iconic arching cutout contour; others designs include laces or a zipper – both components contributing to a more sophisticated appearance. Dunkirk, Workit, Elf, Backup, Hiup, Mightyhi, Vigor, Combat, and other collections.

  • Mid-calf boots will usually combine more materials – shearling and leather, suede and leather, and other configurations – for a more playful and fashionable look. Zippers, studs, and buckles introduce a metallic counterweight to the dense fur. Sparkplug, Wintery, Plush, Furgetit, Chiswick, Yetala, Toggle, and other models.

  • Weather boots dispense with couture properties almost completely, focusing on rain and snow repelling: rubber, closed, nearly hermetic layout, and powerful military or animal prints. Storm, Polar, Heydey, and other lines.

  • Spring booties stand on heels or wedges, and can function as sandals or similar open and semi-open footwear that allows the feet to breathe. Denim, leather, suede in weaved and strapped uppers characterize this segment.

  • Winter booties enwrap the foot and part of the ankle – aiming to serve as protection from precipitation – while standing on a heel, and presenting a balance between corporate and dress styles. Some of the offerings approach men's shoes in pattern. Safetybelt, Partdos, Honcho, Raindance, and other collections – some of Stuart Weitzman's most effective and elegant.


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