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Stuart Weitzman Flats, Loafers, Ballets, Moccasin Review: Leather, Suede, Rubber, Denim, Other

Updated on August 21, 2011

Stuart Weitzman Flats

Stuart Weitzman transposes into the flats niche of shoes while keeping all of the brand's unique stylistic features: strategic deployment of metallic and fabric accents, intricate linear intersections, and the use of animal prints and embossing.

What changes, of course, is the basic architecture of the footwear. Instead of the wedges, platforms and the heels that defined the majority of dress, evening, and corporate-casual offerings, SW introduces the flat heel, the flat sole, and a relaxed comfortable design that corresponds with the need for a functional shoe that nevertheless projects a sense of style and character.


As anticipated by the loafer-inspired platforms, the majority of flats, ballets in particular, opt for the softer and comfort emitting suede. The simplest variations dispense with any type of ornament, essentially presenting a refined version of slippers; the more decorative models will add an interesting buckle, bow, or other metallic or fabric detail on top of the toe, creating a more flirtatious, playful composition.

Stuart Weitzman Flat Shoes
Stuart Weitzman Flat Shoes


Arguably the most functional of all shoes, ballets minimize the aesthetic role of the sole while maximizing its utility. The upper becomes the only visual and textural space where the snake and leopard prints, or the different kinds of suede can be viewed and appreciated in a pure, unadulterated form: without a heel and an angle, the light falls more evenly on the surface, contributing to an according even, calm effect. Ballets, when not used for dance, can be the epitome of comfort.

Collections include Dotsnot, Lolly, Hitch, Woundup, Marlow and others.


Here Stuart Weitzman ventures outside, as if aiming to test his ideas of flat shoe modeling in a more competitive environment. The brand draws from classic loafer and moccasin designs – stitched toes, flat or low heels, straps and buckles, slip-on layout – that often characterize men's footwear.

Indeed, many of these models can be categorizes as unisex; collections include Linko, Strapped, Rallypipe, and the revealingly title Walking.


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