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Stuart Weitzman Sandals Review: Flats, Heels, Platform, Gladiator, Strapped; Leather, Nylon, Suede

Updated on August 21, 2011

Stuart Weitzman Sandals

Although the Stuart Weitzman brand doesn't describe a dedicated department of sandals, the selection of this type of shoes that overlaps with the flats, pumps&heels, platforms, wedges, and even booties segments has become immensely popular, and deserves a special mention in our series of reviews.

The inherent versatility of the sandal architecture becomes particularly evident in the espadrilles: the weaved wedges and soles, when combined with an upper part that, in one way or another, is also strapped creates a powerful aesthetic harmony, where the components echo each other visually and texturally.


Leather continues to play the dominant role in sandals – the thin straps often being the only elegant solution that also guarantees comfort – leaving behind rubber and various fabrics. In terms of design, the unique Stuart Weitzman quality of “intersections and junctures” (described in detail in the introductory article) achieves its naturally designated prominence, be it an ankle strap or a classic slip-on heel, or even a slipper.


Sandal pumps present an opportunity to mix fashion with comfort, offering shoes that fit into the casual or corporate-casual category during the warm spring or summer seasons. Complimented by heels (solid stacked ones, or thinner, stiletto type), these shoes display couture awareness that nevertheless doesn't overwhelm with chic more appropriate for evening or dressier occasions.

Stuart Weitzman Sandals
Stuart Weitzman Sandals


Flats comprise perhaps the most obvious sandals category: the flat, or nearly flat sole accords with the overall minimalism – an effective solution to keep the feet protected while lending them the maximal possible measure of comfort and rest.

Thong slippers bring this trait to its logical conclusion, demonstrating an upper consisting of just three leather straps.


Pumps include Array, Dothetwist, and Chusi collections; Heels offer Carcel, Loxely and Crossup; Wedges and Espadrilles selection features Alex, Kimbow, Alexlo, and the cork&rubber Banded.

Flat sandals collections include Mcchain, Labyrinth, Torreta, Sefour, Experience, Bigrose (a colorful pair of slippers), and Fouryou.

Overall, these are some of Stuart Weitzman lightest, simplest shoe designs.


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