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Stubborn Curls

Updated on April 27, 2016

For some, they wouldn't think twice about how to curl or how to make it last longer but for others (mainly people with stick straight hair like me or wavy hair that only wants to do its own thing) that's all you think about when you want to curl it for a girls night out.

Tool or Technique

The type of iron you use can make a difference but mainly it the technique and the products you use. Before you even sit down to curl your hair, a good tip is to damage it a little. Throw in some highlights or lowlights so that it ruffles up your hair shafts a bit.

I would suggest a smaller iron, preferably a 1" or smaller, but I wouldn't go much smaller than 3/4". The thing with smaller rods is you may need smaller sections which can take longer...there are exceptions to this rule however. I had a friend who had really long hair, and somewhat thick, and she would put her hair in a ponytail right on top of her head which made me think of The Grinch or the 80's and then she would curl the pony tail all at once. When she took the hair out of the pony tail her hair would look gorgeous. Her hair curls easily though. But it proves that curling is more in the technique that you use and not the rod size, however you do need a rod that can reach higher temperatures if your hair has a difficult time curling.

Time to Start

Once you get started it is a good idea to section it out in 1 inch x 1 inch sections. keep the sections smaller for tighter (more spiral like) curls, My suggestion is to keep them tight and then brush them out an hour later for looser curls that last, unless you're already going for the tight spiral look. Before curling, spray the section with Redken Fashion Work 12 or any other kind of professional working spray (meaning not a spray from a grocery store like wal-mart), then curl the section. Now here is the most important part to making them last, after curling a section re-wrap the curl and pin it in place with Double prong clips. Look at the picture at the bottom as a reference.

Cooling the hair in the form you want it in is the best way to make it last longer. Think of concrete, if you set it in a square form and then left it to dry without support it would lose its shape, but if you keep wood barriers around it to help it keep its shape until it is fully dry then it will stay in that form for pretty much ever. Plus it’s a great time to do your make-up.

Finish Up

After the hair is set (cool) take the pins out then spray it with Redken Control addict 28 or any other professional finishing spray. You can choose to do this all at once or section by section which helps get a more even finish.

As a person who personally has trouble getting curls to stick this has proven to not only last but I can wake up the next day and still have beautiful curls to work with.

I hope this helps you with your future girls night out. Feel free to contact me with questions or photos of how this worked out for you.



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