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Stuhrling Men's Watches

Updated on January 21, 2011

Being one of the most popular Stuhrling Original men's watches, the Stuhrling Original Men's Classic 'Cuvette' Slim Automatic Watch combines a slim watch design with an automatic watch function.

Every man likes to know how things work, and for every little boy who has taken their parents stuff apart, there's a watch that's perfect for you. The Stuhrling Original watches are most famous their skeleton watches, that is, most all of their watches have a see through window where you can view the inner most workings of the watch. And just like mens Invicta watches, the Stuhrling mens watches have a Swiss watch making heritage that makes them quality timepieces at affordable prices. If you're looking for cheap Stuhrling watches you'll want to check out some of the best watches of our Stuhrling watch review.

A note about Stuhrling Original's men's watches. The Stuhrling Original watch company has created numerous different styles and designs that range from classic and sophisticated to colorful and contemporary. Each Series has a subseries with each subseries having several watches and each watch having numerous finishes (called "executions") with each of the executions being similar but certainly distinct from one another. The point is that there are hundreds of different Stuhrling Original watches that you really have to see for yourself. We encourage you to take a look and explore the full selection of Stuhrling Watches here.

Stuhrling Metro Collection

The Stuhrling Metropolis collection is a modern man's watch with very "metro" features that would appeal to young urban men. Set in a rectangular watch case, the extra large watch is packed with detail with unique dial that tracks only half of the seconds and the calendar dial overtaking much of the bottom half of the watch. These watches come in three different subseries: the Madman Traveler, the Metropolis, and the Metropol Elite.

  • The Madman Traveler features a rectangular design and comes with numerous features that come in handy for those who travel internationally
  • The Metropol Elite features a more elegant and expensive spin on the design.
  • And much like the Invicta Lupah watches, the Stuhrling Metropolis features many different colors and styles in each of the subseries that it's nearly impossible to see someone else with the same watch.

Each line has a slightly different take on the theme:

Stuhrling Epiphany Collection

The Sturhling Epiphany series has a huge variety of sports watches that combine the functionality of sports watches with the urban appeal of the smart designs and flashy colors. The Epiphany series has three subseries each with their own full selection of watches: The Apocalypse series, the Millennial series and the Odyssey series.

  • The Apocalypse series is the aggressive watch that has a bold watch face over 50mm wide; sure to grab attention and make a statement.
  • Then there's the Millennial series that has numerous variations on the urban sports watch.
  • Finally, the Odyssey series provides a refined look with classy leather bands, and more sophisticated stainless steel casing and toned down design.

There are just so many watches in the Epiphany collection to describe that you're better off having a look for yourself.  To the right is a sample watch for each of the series.  Keep in mind that each watch in the subseries has different executions.

Stuhrling Boardroom Collection

If you're looking for a distinguished Stuhrling mens watch, your best bet is with the Boardroom collection. Designed to be worn as a work watch, the Boardroom collection uses highly polished stainless steel and smooth grain leather bands to provide a smart and experienced appeal. The Boardroom's extensive collection has several series: Labyrinth series, Symphony series, Aristocrat Series, Madison Avenue, and the Eternity series.

  • The Labyrinth Sturhling watches all have a rose gold, gold or silver toned watch combines with either black or brown leather and features the "open heart" design that provides just a small little window into the inner workings of the watch.
  • The Symphony watches feature the same sophisticated designs but with a much cleaner watch face that elegant in its simplicity.
  • The Aristocrat series has a simple watch design but with two additional subdials for added functionality.
  • Madison Avenue watches use the rectangular watch face of the Metro collection but with more refinement and class.
  • Finally, the Eternity series has chronographically complicated movements that all watch enthusiasts will appreciate.

Stuhrling Sportsman Collection

The Stuhrling Sportsman Collection offers a departure from the refined elegance and horological complications that come with Swiss engineering. The Sportsman watches offer precision timekeeping but with the durability and functionality needed in an outdoor watch. The Sportsman watches have 6 subseries: Safari Series, Raven Series, Olympian Series, Targa Series, Bravo Zulu Series, and the Concorso Series.

  • The Safari Series features a colorful array of sport watches that have add and split features for timing and a precision Swiss quartz timing for accurate time taking all day long.
  • The Raven Series Stuhrling watches feature a square casing that is both eye catching and durable. The Raven Diablo has the well known skeleton feature where you can see the innards of the watch, while the Raven XP features a highly luminescent watch face dial for easy time telling at night.
  • The Olympian watches are more along the lines of a traditional watch with the standard circular face and traditional polished stainless steel casings.
  • The Targa watches are more of the traditional sportsmen watch featuring numerous timing functions for racing and all of the Targa watches have a very clean, refined look.
  • The Bravo Zulu series watches have a large variety in style, but most follow a traditional tactical watch look.
  • The Concorso Series takes on the old time WWII aviator watch style with numerous subdials and stylish leather bands.

Stuhrling Classic Collection

The Stuhrling Classic Collection has a timeless elegance that has both features of the mainstream watches while still adding a tasteful flair that makes it distinguishable as a Stuhrling watch.  The broad variety offered by the Classic collection means that there is a timepiece that is just perfect for every situation.  The Classic Stuhrling watches have seven subseries: Heritage Series, Eclipse Series, Cuvette Series, Roaring Twenties, Bardolatry Series, Ascot Park Series, and the Park Avenue Series.

  • The Heritage Series watches are a reflection of the art and beauty of the watchmaking craft. Each watch in the Heritage series has a certain elegance that centers around the simplicity of each watch.
  • The Eclipse Series is renowned for its exquisite dial work that features unique displays of dials that monitor everything from days and seconds to watch winding reserves.
  • The Cuvette Series features a simple design that just has a plain dial face with Arabic numerals and a small subdial and calendar. The Cuvette watches are a throwback to the elegance of the old Swiss watches.
  • The Roaring Twenties watches have a rectangular face that seems to capture the carefree essence of the Great Gatsby days.
  • The Bardolatry Series brings out the intricacies of the automatic function as it has a large window into the inner workings of the watch. The main variation on the Bardolatry theme is that they have several style numerals to provide a slightly different feel from watch to watch.
  • The Ascot Park Series features a simple watch dial that has a minimalist theme to the numerals. These watches are as much elitist as they are classic.
  • The Park Avenue Series of Stuhrling watches take advantage of a slightly bulged rectangular face to provide a feel of classic luxury as well as a timeless elegance.

Stuhrling Lifestyle Collection

As if Stuhrling didn't have enough different types of watches, their Lifestyle watches add another element of style to the casual watch market. The Stuhrling Lifestyle watches have an abundance of style with numerous different color combinations as well as design patterns. Many of the Lifestyle watches use the "open heart" design that reveal the intricate watch mechanism. In the Lifestyle collection, there are eight different subseries: The Espirit Zone, Alpine Series, Manchester Series, Italia Series, Adventurer Series, Gatsby Series, Parliamentary Series, and Freedom Series.St

  • The Espirit Zone uses brightly colored highlights to draw attention to the watch and feature unique dial designs that add both to the functionality as well as the flair of the watches.
  • The Alpine Series watches are stunning watches that beautifully blend the skeleton watch feature with the elaborate designs to create sophisticated and different watches.
  • The Manchester series feature the rectangular watch casings and have funky designs that incorporate a lot of color; these are truly designer watches for the hipster.
  • The Italia Series watches do a good job of blending standard watch design with innovative color and design features that are great for someone who is looking for a distinctive watch but not over the top.
  • The Gatsby Series watches use the rectangular casing and classic watch design (simple watch face with limited Arabic numeral markings) to provide the air of sophistication experienced back in the roaring twenties.
  • The Parliamentary Watches feature a broad range of designs starting with the classic yet elegant Cross watches to the wildly popular skeleton watch design of the Winchester watches to the distorted, melted look of the Kensington watches.
  • The Freedom Series watches refine the wild color schemes of the Manchester watches and put them into a more classy and elegant setting; a blending of wild and conservative that will let your bipolar personality shine.

Stuhrling Water Sports Collection

If you were waiting on a Stuhrling Diver's watch, the Water Sports Collection features a large range of both decorative and stylish Diver-style watches. The Water Sports watches incorporate many of the typical diving watch features such as a uni-directional rotating bezels and numerous timing subdials. Also in the traditional diving watch vein, some of the Water Sports watches feature elegant and refined designs that mimic some of the more expensive luxury watches. So whether you have a yacht or just want to belong to the Yacht club, these watches will give you an air of sophistication at an reasonable price. In the Water Sports collection of Stuhrling watches there are three subseries: Regatta Series, Seafarer Series, and the Atlantis Series.

  • The Regatta Series watches split the difference between elegant and functional with half of the watches being geared for diving performance while the other half mimics the Rolex and Omega watches in style and finish.
  • The Seafarer Series feature larger watches that are made for diving; while not being as large as the Invicta Mens Pro Diver watches, their size and weight are noticeable and are an indication of the quality components that have gone into them.
  • The watches of the Atlantis Series are a bit more contemporary and feature bright colors to accent the diving features.

Stuhrling Special Reserve Collection

The Stuhrling Special Reserve watches are a special collection that highlight the complicated movements and superior watch design that Stuhrling loves to show off. These watches are more for horologists and other watch enthusiasts who will appreciate the subtle intricacies of how difficult it is to develop and design some of these features. Essentially these watches are where Stuhrling Orginal shows off watches that watch snobs can then show off to their friends. If this sounds like you, maybe you'll appreciate the Stuhrling Special Reserve Collection. This collection contains five subseries: the Euro Series, Time Machine Series, Aviator Series, Old World Treasure Series and the Montre de Poche Series.

  • The Euro Series combines elegant watch movements with classy contemporary designs to produce a series of unique yet urbane watches.
  • The Time Machine Series showcases Stuhrling Original's technical development with the ability of the watch to display the time, the date, the day of the week, the month and the year; something that is difficult to produce mechanically with an automatic watch.
  • The Aviator Series is another feat of technical prowess that displays tenths of a second, seconds, minutes, hours and the day of the week; these watches also provide a versatile yet stylish look for maximum usage.
  • The Old World Treasure Series feature watches that contain an open heart complication with a twist. The complication has an additional wheel that mimics a turbillon complication (one of the most prestigious movements in the watch making world). This makes the watch look like a 6 figure timepiece for a fraction of the cost, so if you want to show off to your friends how much of a horologist you are, this is an affordable way to fake it.
  • The Montre de Poche Series is Stuhrling Original's pocket watch series. Each of these watches utilizes the famous skeletal watch design the displays the watch mechanism. This series has several similar but distinct designs that come in both silver and gold finishes.


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