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StyleMeUp: 5 (Elegant) Essentials needed in every Wardrobe

Updated on March 30, 2016

Most woman are confused on whether to buy a mini skirt or a dress. And I feel you on that. While you may choose either of those or both, the best advice that fashion experts dish out is that you should have a couple of pieces that are elegant and stylish.

So here is my list of 5 elegant and essential items that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

1. A Black Dress:

You knew I was going to say that. The words essential and wardrobe put together in one statement usually points to a black dress. Now little or not, a black dress is extremely important. Now you might say that black is too staid, a bit boring even, while red is sparkly and bright and fiercer. So let me ask you this: do you feel sparkly and bright and fierce all the time? No, sometimes you also feel sad and lonely and dejected. And when you’re feeling that, you can’t pull off a red dress. On the other hand, as compared to any other colour, with grey coming to a close second, black is the most elegant colour, and goes with every skin tone. Now that we are talking about elegance, let’s talk about the need of a structured one, instead of a loose fitting short one. The idea to make it look elegant is to make sure your dress isn’t too short. Go for one that tops your knees. Those are the classy ones.

2. A pair of black and nude heels:

Black and Nude heels are essential. Since we are talking about essentials- something that is going to last for a long time- I would suggest that you invest in a good pair of each. What I mean by a good pair is that – they are comfortable. Most of you probably have your toes pinched by wearing heels, so go to a good brand. I would suggest Marks & Spencer's, because (a) they have a good collection of both black and nude heels, (b) they are padded so your toes are safe, and (c) believe it or not, they are comfortable. Like C-O-M-F-O-R-T-A-B-L-E!

3. A well-fitted pair of jeans:

Having a good pair of jeans is perhaps the most essential in any wardrobe, elegant or not. Everyone needs good jeans. So go get a pair which fits you in all the right places, one that elongates your legs and makes them look slimmer. The slim effect can be found in black or navy-blue shades. And get one which is soft and stretchy. Levis or Calvin Klein is probably the best place to look for great jeans.

Warning: Having a pair of red or white jeans does not fall under the category of elegant essentials.

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4. A tote bag:

Doesn’t matter whether it is leather or not, all of us need a tote bag in our lives. Anyway, back to bags-like I said having a tote bag is essentially important. Not only does it make you look elegant, it also allows you to carry your entire life in it.

5. A satin top:

This was unexpected, wasn’t it? Well satin tops are great for evening wear. You can wear it with anything, be it jeans or skirts, and still look amazing. Select one which is a little risqué like, something that bares your shoulders or perhaps, a one which shows a bit of your back. And go for a colour like in dark pink or navy blue.

Where to buy these things?

You can buy it at any store, but I would strongly recommend spending some extra money since all these items are long term investments.

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