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StyleMeUp: 5 Elegant Must-Haves for Spring

Updated on April 3, 2016

I know it becomes extremely difficult to know what and how you should stock your spring cupboard. Even more difficult when Chanel is telling you to buy silk and Dior is telling you to buy denim.

So, here I am, with a list of 5 items which will keep you elegant in spring.

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1. A cool powder-blue skirt:

Do you know what I am talking about? Those really light blue that is used as fondue on cupcakes. Yes, that’s it. When spring is in, and all the colours are dancing vibrant in your face, it is most appropriate to slip in an elegant blue skirt. And I used elegant because I don’t want you skipping around in a flouncy or structure-less skirt. Instead go for a slightly tailored one or perhaps an A-line. Team it up with a white sleeveless turtleneck and you are good to go. (See picture)

Warning: Try avoiding skater skirts because 9/10 times, you can’t pull off elegance in it.

2. A nice floral dress:

All of us have floral dresses, but what I want is to ask you to invest in a nice one. Be careful not to pick out one that makes you look like a flower garden. Honestly, picking out floral dresses needs quite a bit of expertise. So take your friend with you and ask for honest judgement. Now remember, there is a fine line between elegant and cute. We are aiming for elegance, not cute. Think about one that structured on the top and slightly breezy downwards. And try going for a colour that matches for skin tone. Very important.

3. A pair of Cork Wedges:

Now cork wedges are awesome; very light and very elegant. Plus you can wear it with almost everything. Yes, it does go with everything except, I think – no, don’t wear them with your formals. I am thinking somewhere along the lines of cool elegance. Yes, those are the words. Think about a brown pair and you can simply slip them on before you go somewhere. And yes, to make yourself super elegant, please, please, properly clip your nails and paint them. Since they are brown-hued, your nails should also be of a warmer tone. Don’t paint your nails blue or green and then wear those cork wedges. That is not elegant.

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4. A satin hair-band:

If you’ve watched Gossip Girl and have paid extreme attention to Blair, then you might have noticed the importance of a hair-band. While there are scores of hair-bands – all of different colours and shades and designs, I would ask you to go for the basic satin hair-band. Extremely elegant and works with everything- formals and casuals. Now the question of colour is important. If you are working a bright outfit, or if you are in daylight, be careful to wear a black satin band. And if it’s in the evening then you use any other colour – red or blue. They’ll all look nice.

5. Spring Make-up:

Yes, spring make-up is an interesting question. What to do about it? I would ask you to make it look like you are not even wearing make-up. And work on the eyes than on the lips. No, I am not talking about smoky eyes. Smoky eyes are not elegant-they are hot. And we are here talking about elegance. Use an eye-shadow that matches your skin tone. Use a good concealar underneath your eyes and I would suggest you to skip the black eyeliner all together. With all that done; go for a lip colour that matches your lips. And then, girl, you’re going to rock.

Where to you Buy these things?

Think about shopping online- it’ll be easier to find the products. Warning: please do so only if you know your body shape and size well.

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