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Styles That Many Millenials Remember

Updated on August 24, 2015
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Joseph is a print based writer, author, and poet. Joseph likes to share an assortment of different things with people.

Backless T-Shirts

It was one of the most common things you would ever see a woman wear. Starting in the 90's and continuing into the 00's, it wasn't hard to find a depiction of such with it being summer friendly; yet, not all the way tacky. Backless T-Shirts were also made to be long sleeve, all the while, they could still be worn to compliment other forms of taste in apparel and similar gimmicks.

Baggy Jeans

Many sub-cultures took on the appearance that was given by wearing jeans which were excessively baggy. The younger you were, more likely you dressed in such a way that made you blend in with a crowd of outcasts consisting of a group of guys devoted to music, or even jocks. This became known mostly throughout the 90's while still existing in some of the 00's.

Arm Cuffs

Mostly seen during the mid 90's and shortly after; arm cuffs were accessible and showed devotion to the Rock and Metal scenes that hit the spot for teenagers, younger adults. Arm cuffs have been inconsistent since the new era of Rock and Metal appeared, helping to placate young minds today as well. Although not having completely run out of style, it is still very unusual to see someone rock arm cuffs, similar to those of which could be seen nearly 20 years ago.

Gold Plaque Necklaces

It wasn't hard to find anybody after the commercialization of Run-DMC, wearing gold plaques around their necks giving off a vibe like no other. Gold plaque necklaces were always a bit more daring, yet they wouldn't have been thought to be a stylish item if you asked anybody before that particular time period in music. Later in the 80's, this did much more than create a compelling image for up and coming artists, but rather, it gave meaning to some of what Rap is today.

Phat Farm

Since the company's origination in 1992, Phat Farm has easily become a leading line of clothing, by gaining a reputation of being able to authenticate the styles of street wear and prep wear. Phat Farm hasn't received the same promotion it was once given, but that doesn't mean they are parting ways in hope of something more better, they are actually still continuing to build their empire, with consumers of their clothing products being found everywhere.

Fingerless Gloves

Among both guys and girls, fingerless gloves could be seen worn by commercial mall goers, and people who were admittingly fond of Rock music, past the Grunge and Glam era. Fingerless gloves were worn by the same majority of rockers, who in their time of fandom, wore studded belts and flattened shoes. Fingerless gloves haven't been and probably will never be as widely worn; this being because of their nature associated with music that today, isn't ramped up so much as we'd like to think.

Nike Air Trainer SC's

Nike Air Trainer SC's were iconic after 1987 when the first Nike Air Trainers were actually released. Nike Air Trainer SC's released in 1990, became accustomed and helped the company boost it's sales, only weeks after they were able to be purchased. This Nike shoe itself was very useful for activities related to continuous motion and movement, given that it was able to grip the ground, and that it was also a very sturdy shoe. The shoe not looking rugged exactly, but rather well kept, continued to advance more and more with time, inspiring other companies.

Small Shirt Sleeves

All beginning at a time when millenials were probably being birthed, shirts sleeves weren't enormous, nor were they comparable with sleeves today. Many people had one thing in common when it came to wearing a shirt, whether you were guy or a girl. Girls wore shirts cut off at the stomach alongside having shortened sleeves, and guys wore shirts fitted just as much so, with the same sleeve length. Beginning throughout part of the 80's, and continuing to transpire until part of the 00's as well, this doesn't seem to be as much remembered as other things were in the past, related to clothes and appearance.


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