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Stylish Rings to Look Unique

Updated on December 10, 2012

A friend of mine is a very original and stylish lady. She adores unusual things and what is the most important she has a very bright and beautiful appearance.

She always takes a good care of her and is a constant client of beauty parlors. Moreover, she has a very beautiful hair and shapely pair of legs. So, this way you can understand what kind of feelings men have. She is always in the center of everybody's attention. Men forget everything near her.

But she is not just very beautiful but smart as well. She is a very interesting interlocutor.

But her beauty and smartness is not the object of my discussion now. I'd like to tell you about her accessories. To be more precise I'd like to mention just two jewelry pieces of her otherwise I'd take a lot of my time to describe everything she has that is worth our attention.

She has two amazing rings I like most of all. And you know it's not only me who likes them very much. Everybody notice when she wears one of them on her finger.

The design of both of them is very original and up-to-day. The rings are made of white gold. One of them is called cable buckle ring. The second one is cable ring. And what is also great about those rings - they are embellished with diamonds. But as we all know - diamonds are a girl's best friends.

I adore those rings of her. Moreover they look great on her beautiful fingers with nice manicure.

Unfortunately I have no idea what the price of those items can be, though it's not so difficult to imagine it.

On the other hand the price is not a key point when I choose something of this kind. The most important thing - it should be beautiful, original and stylish. That's the reason I often like designer's things. They are unique pieces of high art! For example, I prefer to buy cool and stylish clothing that should be worn with appropriate accessories, jewels and shoes.

Even a small detail but badly chosen and inappropriate is able to spoil all your efforts.

That's why my friend is a kind of a fashion icon for me. She is well known for her exquisite taste and everybody considers her to be a smashing lady.

So, if you want to look stylish and original - buy something of this kind. But don't forget to choose them carefully. If you are interested not only in the ring but also earrings, visit my website which describes the all possible types of earrings.


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