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Fashionable, Stylish Support Stockings, Tights and Compression Hosiery for Glamorous Women and Hot Girls

Updated on December 6, 2014

Protect Those Fabulous Legs!

When you think of support stockings you may think of the older lady. Rest asured that this article isn’t aimed at the sick, elderly or the infirm. What I’m writing about is targeted at girls just like you and me. You are young, active and energetic. You love having a great time and partying. You adore clothes and like to show off.

The problem today is fashion is all about looking great but much of it isn’t designed with comfort or health in mind. The good news is you can be stylish and fashionable and still wear support stockings.

Take those fabulous heels. The ones you love to wear at work. The ones you stagger home in, in the early hours, after an energetic workout on the dance floor.

You may look great in them and you may love them more than any treasured pet but the plain truth is that they are not doing your body, or your legs in particular, any favours.

Granted your legs may look fabulous in them, but they are putting a tremendous strain on your feet and the lower part of your body.

Support Stockings Can Look Really Hot!
Support Stockings Can Look Really Hot!

Not Just for the Sick and Infirm

In the same way, many of us wear low cut tops with uplift bras designed to be sexy when stationary but offering zero support when we are in motion and our fabulous breasts are being tossed about like al fresco jelly/jello desserts in a hurricane.

The truth is, we need to choose our underwear more for comfort and and less for style. I know, I know, I'm beginning to sound more like someone's Mum so lets get back to the subject of tights and stockings.

The first thing to note is that support stockings, tights and hosiery are not just for the elderly or the sick.

If you want to go clubbing in high heels and a short skirt, then why not protect those valuable assets you are showing off? Pamper your legs and keep them in good condition.

Support Tights are great if, like Beyance, you like to groove on the dance floor!
Support Tights are great if, like Beyance, you like to groove on the dance floor!
Support Tights Can Be Sexy!
Support Tights Can Be Sexy!

What Are Support Stockings and Tights?

Support hosiery, also known as compression hosiery, apply pressure to the legs to support them and aid blood flow.

They are great for anyone spending a lot of time standing up. As well as party goers and clubbers they are great for girls who work in shops and stores or a factory.

They are woven with elastic material and there are various degrees of compression available according to their purpose. Those that you can buy without prescription are quite safe.

Big fashion brands make them in a wide range of colours and styles. They look gorgeous, sexy and it is impossible to tell that they are actually support stockings or tights.

Generally the pressure they deliver is graduated so there is less pressure applied to the upper leg than the lower leg.

Pressure is highest around the ankle because, when standing up, this is where your blood vessels are under the greatest strain.

Support stockings with higher degrees of compression can also be prescribed by doctors for conditions such as varicose veins, edema and lymphedema.

As far as fashion compression stockings are concerned, the compression of the leg helps lower the amount of strain on the blood vessels and reduces the risk of conditions like varicose veins developing.

The most important thing is they also feel great, giving your legs extra support and reducing fatigue when you are on your feet for long periods.

Finally, you will need to replace support stockings or tights after abouty six months. This is because the elastic will begin to wear out.

You should know when it's time to replace your compression hosiery because they'll be far easier to put on and the pressure on your legs will be reduced.

It also makes sense to have some spare pairs both to allow for washing and for replacement when they wear out.

So what are you waiting for girls? I'm not pulling your leg here!

Get On Line and order some compression or support stockings or tights right now and give those fabulous 'pins' a real treat!

Beyonce in Heels and Tights


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      Gina Coole 7 years ago from London

      writer 83 - Glad you enjoyed!

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      Gina Coole 7 years ago from London

      sally and lea - Glad you found it useful - thanks for commenting!

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      Good to get some insight.Thanks

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      love Stockings... good hub, tks for the info

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      Gina Coole 7 years ago from London

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      yenajeon 7 years ago from California

      Thanks for the support stocking knowledge. Never knew!

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      Radina 7 years ago

      Nice informative writing, and those legs looking great in stockings.

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      Runway 7 years ago from New York

      Thanks for this! I never thought about this option.

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      priya 7 years ago

      nice knowledge shared