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Substitute Your Bulky Wallet With An Elegant Money Clip

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Money Clip Organizes Your Cash

Money clips are a profoundly wonderful accessory, and you will wonder how you managed to carry your currency in your pants pocket without one. Money clips are extremely practical metal accessories that can assist you in maintaining your currency in order. Money clips keep your currency neatly stored and quickly accessible, and unlike most wallets, a money clip is much thinner so it is easier to carry in the pocket of jeans or trousers.

Money clips are quite comfortable to carry and rather elegant as they allow you to avoid lugging around a bulky wallet. Money clips also have the advantages that they are easy to carry, are very light in weight and exceptionally easy to use. Today's attractive and modern money clips come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors: There are a huge variety of money clips that are available at almost any retailer or etailer that deals with personal accessories. These items are usually considered a luxurious personal accessory and are typically marketed in that manner. Some of the newest and pricey money clips are beautiful jewelry pieces built to extremely high aesthetic standards.

There are endless models and styles of money clips
There are endless models and styles of money clips

A Money Clip Is The Perfect Gift For Any Man

Money clips can make the perfect gift items because they can be used in everyday life since everyone carries cash! They are primarily carried by men when they don't need to carry a wallet around, but want to ensure that their cash is organized and not just sitting in a pocket in a big lump. Money clips are designed exclusively for holding currency, therefore you won't be able to cram your credit cards, identification, and loose change into them. They help you keep your currency secure by wedging them in between two metal pieces.

Money clips are a smart gift idea for almost any occasion including wedding party gifts, groomsmen gifts, anniversary gifts and other marriage related occasions. They are especially a welcome gift for groomsmen as the gesture is likely to bring out the real old fashioned gentleman in your friends... which is a very shrewd move before the wedding ceremony! The clips can be custom engraved with a personalized message, icon or initials to ensure that they will forever be a very special reminder of a very special event.

Money clips make superlative personalized gifts for groomsmen
Money clips make superlative personalized gifts for groomsmen

There Is A Money Clip Style To Suit Everyone & Anyone

There are countless styles of money clips, and some of the most popular include the leather money clip, the silver money clip, and the gold money clip. One of the most treasured men's money clip is the personalized money clip which can feature the individual's name or names of loved ones.

There are many types of men's personal accessories for the currency and everything else that men carry around, such as a mens leather wallet, or credit card wallet, which can fit in an attractive and not too metrosexual leather tote bag, or wallet bag, with a matching checkbook cover for the man who has everything. A men wallet is not limited to mens leather wallets, as there are even hybrid models available which incorporate money clip features such as a money clip wallet.

Money clips can be personalized with your initials
Money clips can be personalized with your initials

A Titanium Money Clip Is The Perfect Modern Choice

Metal money clips are frequently made out of stainless steel, titanium, silver, gold, or even platinum. Out of all these elements, titanium is found to be the choice of a growing number of savvy consumers as it can be anodized to control the precise color of the metal. Utilizing titanium allows a skilled metalworker to craft precisely what the customer desires in a money clip. Titanium has a very weak magnetic signature and is generally not detected by metal detectors which can make your life much easier if you travel through airports a lot. Titanium money clips are not as easy to locate as many of the other varieties that are generally more popular such as stainless steel and gold, but this availability and visibility is increasing more and more these days.

And if you really want to have some fun with a money clip...


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    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Money clips rule! :)

    • profile image

      Custom Money Clips 8 years ago

      Great call, the wallet is so over! Even the nicest leather wallets gunk up your credit cards.