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Laser Treatment For Acne

Updated on February 16, 2016

Fight A Losing Battle

Many people are affected with acne. Most people that are affected are teenagers. Acne is a skin ailment that can be either a mild condition to extremely severe. Having an acne problem, especially on the face can be incredibly aggravating. If you have experimented with every possible treatment and feel like you're losing the fight against acne breakouts, and you are not getting the results that you are looking for, then laser treatment for acne may be the answer.

What Is Acne?


What Is Acne?

Acne is a skin ailment that is described as a clogged skin oil gland. It is the main root cause in the development of acne. In some cases, if the clogged pores are much deeper inside of the skin pores, it may lead to cysts or acne nodules. This type of skin condition can appear on the face, back, shoulders, chest or the upper arms.

Acne can happen when the oil gland that are in the pores of the skin becomes clogged and turn infected, swollen or inflamed. The glands that are inside of the pores will continue to overproduce natural oils that become clogged. The clogged skin pores will lead to a bacterial infection causing a whitehead or a blackhead. This is all due to the oil that is trapped in the skin pores. If the skin pore is deeply clogged this can lead to a more serious infection which can result in a cyst.

Many over the counter treatments that contain the ingredients benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can be very successful in some cases of acne breakouts, but sometimes they will not work for everybody.

Laser Treatment For Acne


Laser Treatment For Acne

Over the years using a laser device has increased tremendously, mainly because of the major benefit of no side effects and also not having to take a drug prescription. It is a new technology in combating acne ailments and also helping to improve the damage due to scars. It has turned out to be an incredibly genuine alternative for restoring the skin from acne breakouts and scarring and enhancing a person's fading self-confidence. Laser treatment for acne is a fantastic option for aiding to clear up acne breakouts on all areas of your body.

How Laser Treatments Works


The Laser Treatment Process

The beginning of the laser light treatment a numbing product will be applied to the area to protect against any discomfort while being treated. Followed by a laser light pulse of heat to eliminate the acne area. During the laser treatment procedure, the powerful laser light will target a spot on the skin causing damage to the tissues or the pigmentation but not causing harm to the skin around the spot.

The heating up of the oil glands brings about a gentle melting damage that alters the shape and performance of the oil glands. The laser light pulse will decrease the size of the oil gland to cut down the excessive oil production. Also, the laser light will generate air in the clogged skin pores that will eliminate the harmful bacteria.

Isolaz Laser Treatment

Isolaz Laser Treatment For Acne

There are a number of different types of laser treatment. Isolaz is a safe vacuum laser acne treatment for all skin types. It is a gentle treatment that removes the excess oils and lift the bacteria out of the pores. It also has a broadband light with heat that will also kill bacteria and decreases the oil production. Many patients report no pain with this type of laser treatment.

Diode Laser Treatment

Diode lasers are used to selectively target and damage the sebaceous glands, The damage to the oil glands will reduce and slow down the activity of the oil gland. This will also stop acne breakouts in the future. The laser light that is also used can reduce scarring and even out skin discoloration. The light will break down the scar tissue to allow new tissue to develop.

CO2 Laser Treatment

C02 is a Laser treatment that is used mainly to treat acne scars. This laser type usually is not used for treating current active acne breakouts. It is a high-intensity laser that will remove the outer layer of the skin. Newer, skin will be exposed and after the healing process the new skin will be even, smooth and less discoloration. This treatment will have your skin looking healthier and more youthful.

Laser Treatment For Acne

After The Laser Treatment Procedure

Soon after the laser treatment procedure, it's possible you'll encounter irritation, inflammation, itching, or maybe a mild discomfort. The recovery process normally takes one week or longer based on the kind of treatments. Most patients see rapid benefits in the skin overall look as well as their acne breakouts will begin improving in just a short time. Active acne breakouts are diminished, and skin appears renewed and radiant. Patients appearance and feel revitalized. The picture below is showing a very good foundation on half of the face. Oxygenetix Foundation will cover up the redness after the laser treatment and it also have ingredience that will help to soothe the skin.

After The Laser Treatment Procedure


Selecting A Doctor For The Laser Treatment

Pricing for laser treatment varies, currently most major health insurance policies do not cover laser treatments. But if you have a Flexible Spending Account FSA or a Health Savings Account you may be able to use your funds for financing your laser treatments.

When selecting a doctor for laser acne treatment you must ask questions until you are sure that what is being offered is right for your condition. You also want to know the training, skill and the experience the doctor have with using laser treatments. If possible, ask to see pictures of other patients. Also, find out about the risks or complications that can be encountered. Your selection will be based on who you will be able to trust.


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