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Sugar and Spice: Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume Review

Updated on February 20, 2012

Aquolina Pink Sugar presents the unexpected.

Those spraying Aquolina Pink Sugar to experience a walk down memory lane—through fields of cotton candy and gleaming lollipops swirled with creamy vanilla and caramel, will not find that utopic sugar-scape. Those wanting a deep and thoughtful oriental—full of amber shadows, atmospheric musk, and thick strands of syrup—will be assaulted by the sugar revolt released by a singular spritz of Pink Sugar.

Pink Sugar is a truly unique gourmand. The scent is unmistakably, undeniably, absolutely indisputably Pink Sugar, and nothing else. There is no other perfume that could match this full-bodied pyramid that evolves into a perfume that sits betwixt and between expectations. Hovering over genres and refusing all definition, Pink Sugar does not clutch to all things innocent, and it certainly doesn't explore the profound labyrinths offered by other fragrant fusions. Aquolina almost defies description, and for this reason it's not a perfume for everyone. But for those who can brave this unique territory, the pay-off is great.

Before Pink Sugar is even sprayed, the scent of liquid cotton candy oozes from the bottle. With eyes closed, Pink Perfume Sugar smells like a rainstorm has melted an entire whimsical orchard filled with spun sugar. But Aquolina Pink Sugar sprayed onto the skin is a completely different experience.

Pink Sugar begins with fleeting, refreshing fruits notes, and then quickly plunges into fruity sweet richness. Soon the signature cotton candy accords reveals itself. Filled with added sugary notes of vanilla, caramel, and strawberry, the cotton candy accord moves to the forefront. But the sweet dream doesn't last long. The edible flavors are quickly joined by powdery perfume notes and piquant tones of licorice. The combination is like candied red peppers! Dipped in vanilla sugar and rolled in morsels of crunchy caramel, the peppery accord dominates. In the base, gourmand-inflected notes of musk and powder create a warm, creamy, yet shocking effect. Pink Sugar is delicious on one hand, and on the other, completely synthetic and inedible. If pure candy is what you expected, Pink Sugar can be overwhelming and intrusive. If you want something shocking, Pink Sugar is a thrill ride, complete with unexpected turns and drops.

Not another perfume on the market smells like Aquolina Pink Sugar. Pink Sugar indulges in nouveau gourmand notes that speak of a misspent childhood pampered by a sugar-riddled diet. The candied concoction doesn't stop there. Turning into an oriental perfume, Aquolina Pink Sugar pulls the syrupy sweets into darker realms. Like a childhood daydream sent into the deluded depths of Willy Wonka's world, Pink Sugar is more grown-up than it leads on. But, wait, the genre-confounding perfume journey continues onwards! Aquolina Pink Sugar boasts an indescribable layer of synthetics. Depending on the individual, this layer smells fake, gas-filled, or peppery. This layer is not easily dismissed. Confusion caused by this extra layer pushes Pink Sugar deeper into mystery and the perfume-wearer into contemplation. Pink Sugar is a perfume that you mull over. You try to place an unfamiliar recollection—or is it a memory forgotten? Pink Sugar is something so familiar, and yet so foreign.

Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume
Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume

Aquolina Pink Sugar, originally released in 2003, follows a structure that Thierry Mugler laid down 10 years prior with the every-popular Thierry Mugler Angel. Beginning with a clean, refreshing tea note, Angel turns into an unburnished piece of metal dipped into a cooling cup of honeyed tea. Then, the light atmosphere of Angel gives way to caramel and chocolate. Thierry Mugler was the first to popularize nouveau gourmand notes, to create an oriental structure from those sugary sweets, and to add a layer of soaring synthetics. Thierry Mugler braved the perfume industry with an indefinable perfume. The years following Angel's release proved this new perfume category to be a major success. Aquolina benefited from this knowledge, and created another perfume on that same formula. But what's more amazing is that the same formula rendered two completely unique perfumes.

Though Aquolina wasn't the first of its kind, its aroma is completely unique. There are very few perfumes that even come close to this bold structure. Aquolina Pink Sugar presents an intense journey which evokes a strong reaction—either pure commitment or pure despise.


Aquolina Pink Sugar includes notes of bergamot, Sicilian orange, raspberry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, licorice, strawberry, red fruit, cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, musk, wood, and powder.

This popular Aquolina perfume and other delicious Aquolina fragrances like Blue Sugar and Chocolovers can be found at discount perfume retailers.

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      6 years ago

      I always get yummy compliments on this perfume.


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