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"Sulfates and Skincare products," Are you allergic to them?

Updated on April 12, 2016

Something to think about.

So there it is! That unexplained rash. "What did I do to get this"? Well, It can be something as simple as washing your face, taking a shower or just washing your hair.

Sulfates are in just about every shampoo product there is. Yes, they do make products without sulfates but they are few and far between and you have to do some homework to find them. We normally don't even think about it from day to day unless we have a problem.

Now, Sulfates are in products primarily to make the product foam or lather up ,if you will, so there is a reasonable effort in the development of the product. Just like now they put carbonation in tea just to make it interesting. But the reason its there is to help the product do the job it is engineered to do. Because soap, on the whole, is suppose to remove debris from your skin and take it off this is why the sulfate is there. There are different percentages of sulfate depending on what the product is and does as to the strength of the product. That is why some products won't bother you at all and some will depending upon the strength of sulfate. It is not to be taken lightly. Sulfates, depending on your degree of allergy, can be quite irritating and devastating depending on the reaction. It can make some people quite ill. Be sure and get advise from a Dermatologist or Physician and always bring the product with you to the Doctor.

All in all it is better to be safe than sorry. Salons use products that have sulfate all of the time. Sometimes you can ask them if they have sulfate free products. It doesn't hurt and if it will cause you less suffering its probably a good idea. You could get an infection if a rash stays too long. Your Doctor can prescribe medicine to help with your sulfate allergy or tell you what to buy over-the-counter. Whatever you do its always good to play it safe.

Do your Research.

Sodium Sulfate
Sodium Sulfate | Source


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