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I gotta love: Accessories Summer 2015

Updated on November 14, 2017
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Nicole is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a B.A in Integrated Theatre Design and Stage Management.

Its Summer!

I love summer, time to put aside all the layers of winter and get ready for your light and airy outfits. What's great about the move from winter to spring to summer is that what you lack in layer you can make up with great necklaces, bracelets and other add ons to your outfit.

I always find winter harder to really accessorize with. Its so cold here in Wisco all I want is my scarf, boot socks and coat. What's nice is summer is pretty limitless with what you can wear since you're not trying to stay warm like you were in winter!

Lets explore some of the great pieces for Summer 2015 shall we???

Also if you're reading this after 2015, well now they are cool retro fashion statements, and everyone loves retro stuff right? No? Just me? Well then maybe I like like all this stuff!

Footless Sandels

I think this is the sexiest look ever. Although you couldn't go to a bar or a store in them, however going to the beach or just walking around outside these sexy little shoes got you covered. Personally I wouldn't pair this with a maxi skirt but a sexy pair of shorts or a bikini would work just so perfect.

They come in many different shapes and forms. I like the lace styles ones however I feel those would get dirty very fast. Others come with beads and chains and such. I like those, but they might hurt after awhile.

So its whatever you like. Even if it was painful I'd still go with the chain and bead ones! This is a trend I really recommend!

Layer Necklaces and 90s Chokers

Images from pinterest
Images from pinterest

Layered Necklaces

I love this look. I draws me back to the early 90s and when those supernatural/witch films were popular. It begs to the mystery of some girl with long hair, bright blue eyes and necklaces dangling around her neck.

As a side note I remember these from the 90s. I only ever had one tattoo choker. I was in the 5th grade, (I'm 26 now 5/15/2015) I wore it a few times, then a bunch of teen girls were kidnapped and almost each one had a school picture with the tattoo choker one. Needless to say people assumed that the tattoo choker triggered men to rape and kidnap girls (really they did!) my mom freaked out and threw mine away.

I was really bummed.

  • Where it boho with natural fabrics and suede.
  • Where it classic, with silver chains
  • Wear super long necklaces with two or three additional or
  • Wear is shorter with two short necklaces
  • Spice up the necklaces with different jems and charms

Layer Them On

images found on pinterest
images found on pinterest

Brace Yourself; Its Bracelets

Woven bracelets are super in style right now. I've seen most stores sell these bracelets in packs of four or five. I personally really like these bracelets being someone with small wrists I find it hard to find bracelets that actually fit and don't slide off my arm. While I wouldn't wear them to anything extremely formal,

What's great about a lot of these bracelets is that they work really great as ankle bracelets too. This is what I actually use mine for. I like to buy a couple of pack and wear them around my ankle in summer. However since between my two jobs I have to wear long pants, I really haven't done this much.

Style these minimal with a four to nine bracelets or go extreme and see how many you can actually fit on you. I personally thing the more the better!

Temporary Tattoos

I'm not a personal fan of this metallic temporary tattoo trend that's going on. I understand it, some people do not want a tattoo, some people are not old enough to get a tattoo but, I'm not a fan. However this doesn't mean we can't talk about it, because well it is a thing I suppose.

From what I have been reading and understanding about this crazy is that the tattoos are fun for days at the beach if you're someone who doesn't have tattoos, you can wear one of these and feel inked yourself.

I personally do not see this as a long lasting treat, however since the style I'm seeing in more department stores is 90s grunge/Boho I feel that the temporary tattoo is going to fight itself into our homes.

  • I really only see the temporary tattoos working well if you're wearing a tank top or perhaps a maxi skirt/maxi dress boho look.

However I find after researching temporary tattoos also of designs are super cute and I would if I didn't already have so many tattoos those on myself.

Soft Shorts


Soft Shorts!

I work(ed) at a clothing store as a manager and the moment I unpacked our soft shorts I loved them! We cannot as employees wear shorts at work however I do plan on buying some soft shorts myself, if not from my store, then from other stores that I've seen them in.

Soft shorts I feel are not to be confused with pj shorts. If will say there is a definatly a different in fabric between pj shorts and soft shorts. I find soft shorts to be, well much softer than my own pj shorts(other bought from Target). The issue with pj shorts is that they ride up and slowly become a pj thong where-as soft shorts, in my experience like to stay where they are supposed to be on your body. Soft shorts that I've been seeing have been coming in aztec print and boho patterns and I LOVE THEM!

Where Can I Get These?

Layering Necklaces
Vanity, Claire's, Rue 21*
$6.99 - $12.99
Rue 21 and Claire's
$4.99 - $12.99
Temporary tattoos
Soft Shorts
Vanity, Rue 21, Walmart*
*my suggestion as best places to pick up these products

On a final note

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my hub! I try to put out interesting hubs every Sunday (at least). Please feel free to leave me a comment about how I am doing! I like to know and also be able to improve what I am putting out for you guys!

If you'd like to see more of what I've done check them out. I have a great hub about all of my tattoos and one about get winter outfits. And if would be awesome if you could fallow me on hubpages. I'm always looking for new people to fallow myself!

Also you'll notice I have some polls on this hub, if you can take the time to answer the question(s) on the hub. This also helps me know what hubs should be published next, what hubs should become my youtube videos, and really just what you find in general!

Also fallow me via my links at the bottom of the page, instagram, youtube, twitter and my other social media pages such as I want to put out what you want not just whatever comes into my mind. So feel free to click those links. Please check out my youtube channel as well.



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      Thanks For Reading!


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