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This Summer's Hottest Dress Trends, Think Maxi Dresses

Updated on July 4, 2013

Summer Dress

Wearing Trendy Styles Of Dresses

When it comes to casual summer dresses, few styles have reached the level of popularity that maxi dresses have found in recent years. Maxi dresses have been spotted on tons of celebrities, including Nicole Richie, Jennifer Garner, Miley Cyrus and Kate Hudson. Whether you are looking for a dress to wear while you lounge on the beach or while you shop, maxi dresses manage to combine high-fashion style with high-level comfort.

The hallmark of the maxi dress is a form-fitting top and a long, flowing skirt that reaches the ankles. This style is extremely flattering for tall women and provides all of the easy grace and top-notch style that a fashion-savvy woman could wish for during the hot summer months.

Maxi dresses come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to find the perfect dress to show off your personality. From playful, woven-strap dresses in vibrant colors and prints, to geometric one-sleeved dresses in neutral stripes, there is a huge variety in looks for the maxi dress, which makes it a flexible choice for fashionable clothes for summer living.

When wearing a maxi dress this summer, carefully consider your choice of footwear. Because maxi dresses have a distinctly casual, bohemian look, heels are an awkward pairing; instead, opt for a cute pair of sandals. Gladiator sandals are a perfect choice with a maxi dress, as are sandals of the braided and leather-thong variety.

Summer Styles

The jewelry you wear to finish off your look should also have an organic, bohemian look to it. Wooden bangles are currently very popular, and are available in a wide variety of colors. Long necklaces with chunky wooden beads also keep in line with the boho vibe, and add fun flair to your outfit while complementing any cut or neckline.

Most importantly, when trying on a maxi dress, pay close attention to the length. The dress should not be so long that it is dragging on the ground, but it should not be any shorter than your ankles. Make sure that you are comfortable with the straps and neckline of the dress, and pay attention to how the silhouette fits on your waist. The dress should provide plenty of breathing room around your middle without appearing too baggy or loose. Otherwise the look gets lazy, and style starts to disintegrate into slump!

Summer For Dresses


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