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Summer beauty tips for makeup and hair

Updated on May 19, 2012

Trendy make up for this summer

Does bringing out your beautiful skin becomes a very difficult task to do in this hot and humid summer. Specially when it is about your hair. Well in the summrer when you put up a lot of effort from your home on yourself to make you a very new hairstyle, but due to the weather it gets ruin from making its own hairstyle and also makes you look ugly which you find out after going infront of the mirror. Imagine the hours spent on u dubbing some nice makeup on yourself which also wont sit where it is actually supposed to sit as a result making you look ugly again. The heat and humidity is one of the major resaons this summer to focus on from making you look bad and not only that but also is not a sign for your skin as well. Due to the weather your makeup smears, smudges and also seemingly melts down your face making you look so damn ugly on which you have spent hours working upon before starting from home. I hope and guess you all have also faced some similar issues like of eyeshadow looks creased or maybe your eyeliner smudging under the bottom of your eyelids. etc

well no need to worry as you can avoid all this mess by applying a primer or maybe using a light waterproof makeup and also avoiding all the products that contain oil.

well no need to worry as you can avoid all this mess by applying a primer or maybe using a light waterproof makeup and also avoiding all the products that contain oil.


As mentioned before summertime bringing hot and humid days. As a result our face sweats, makeup easily melts away or smudges onto our clothes. There is however certain ways to get rid of it. To keep your summer makeup fresh and clean always opt for a nice and simple and natural look during times of extreme intense heat. Invest specially on all kinds of waterproof and powdered products, in order to keep your makeup from smudging away. Well some people specially concentrate on their hair which is also a major element behind their beauty. As all of you might feel that hot and humid weather is the reason for the destruction of your hair. For many of us who have silky-smooth hair their hairstyles are the one that quickly destroyed. When the humidity is too high it tends to add unwanted and also unruly curl to your locks. As a result you have a spoiled and bad hair.


1) makeup primer
2) oil-free concealer
3) tinted moisturizer or miner foundation
4) powder blush
5) pressed or loose powder
6) eyeliner primer
7) powder eye shadow
8) waterproof mascara
9) liquid eye liner
10) facial oil blotting papers
11) 2-3 applicator sponges
12) large make-up brush
13) small (eye shadow) applicator brush


1- Start off by applying the makeup primer on your entire face with an applicator sponge. When the primer will flatten out the surface of your skin then it will help your makeup stay on for a longer period of time.

2- Then use an applicator sponge to apply a very light coat of oil-free tinted moisturizer onto your face. Then alternatively, you can apply a mineral foundation too using a large makeup brush. The liquid and cream foundations tend to be thick and heavy which can give the appearance of melting away in the heat. So tinted moisturizers, on the other hand, helps you to even out your skin tone while remaining thin so that your skin can breathe. Well mineral foundations are also a source which evens out skin tone allowing the skin to breathe as well.

3- Also apply the oil-free concealer in order for any blemishes onto your face. For those who have dark circles under their eye lids can use it for covering it up. Always use oil-free product as it is extremely very important since oil makes the concealer to look greasy for the humidity.

4-Then use a large brush for lightly dusting your face with the pressed or the loose powder, which will absorb all the excess oil that your face cointains and the moisture to keep your face from shining off all day long.

5- Then apply a very light-colored powder blush onto the apples of your very own cheeks by using a large makeup brush.

6- Also consider applying primer onto your eyelid before you put on an eyeshadow. Even though it isn't not much of a common step in the makeup application but it will definitely ensure that your eyeshadow stays in its place and doesn't crease or smudge off.

7-Then use a small applicator brush for covering your eyelids with a very thin layer of eyeshadow powder. Eyeshadow powder usually lasts much more longer than any of the cream eyeshadows that you all might use. The key for a good eyeshadow is to always use a light color and not only that but also apply it very thinly.

8- Ok so no line your eyes with your liquid eyeliner. Well the liquid liners are always more likely to stay put and resist smearing off than the wax-based pencil eyeliners.

9- Now apply a waterproof mascara to your your beautiful eyelashes.And since waterproof mascara is resistant to water it will stay for a longer period of time than of the regular mascara.

10- Now carry around the facial oil-blotting papers. Where you notice that your skin starts to look very shiny there use the blotting paper in order to soak up all the oil and sweat present there. If you wish, you can also use a dusting of pressed powder if wanted.


1) deep or maybe volumizing conditioner
2) antihumectant spray or maybe serum
3) antihumectant leave-in conditioner


1- You can repair your hair which are dry and damaged which have already been soaked up by humidity making it look like a sponge. If you have thick and curly hair you can use a deep conditioner every day to moisturize and also smoothen your unruly curls too. For volumizing the fine type of hair conditioners are the best source since they prevent your hair from looking too flat.

2- Also apply leave-in conditioner with the words that cointain antihumectant, smooth or shine. Make sure that you put the conditioner into your damp hair from the root to the tip.

3- Now allow your hair to dry off. A blow-dryer is more convenient since it robs your hair for the needed moisture you want. At times blow-drying also makes your hair curl more than ever when the humidity hits.

4-once your hair has dried, now apply an antihumectant spray or maybe serum. The ones who have thick, coarse or curly hair serum works the best and for the ones who have thin hair always use spray as a result it won't weight the hair more down. After applying the serum onto your dry hair now you can also do straightening with your irons to get a smoother and more silky look which will with stand the humidity nice and properly.


1- You should never use a straightening iron onto wet hair.

2- You should never use a straightening iron without first applying antihumectant spray or maybe serum.

Makeup tutorials for summer

Example for a light makeup for summer



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